Serge Aurier appears to spit towards Tottenham Hotspur fans after Olympiacos goal


Serge Aurier scored the goal that completed Tottenham Hotspur’s comeback in their 4-2 win against Olympiacos on Tuesday, but his celebration has caused a stir on social media.

Jose Mourinho’s side produced an inspired comeback from 2-0 down that was sealed when Aurier made it 3-2 with a fine volley in the 73rd minute

The Ivory Coast international headed towards the Spurs’ fans to celebrate and after pausing to pose, appeared to spit in their direction.

It’s also been suggested by some people that he told the home crowd to “f*** off”.

Some Tottenham fans have come to Aurier’s defence and suggested the spit was a result of Harry Winks jumping on his back.

But many aren’t happy with his actions.

“Am I the only one to see Aurier block his ears and spit towards our fans after he scored tonight?,” wrote one fan.

“If this is intentional and towards fans for voicing their opinions on how bad he’s been he should be sacked.”

The video has attracted a response on social media.

Some believe there’s nothing in it, with one fan writing: “See players spit all the time when they score to be honest, he’s also a fair way back from the crowd when he spits.”

Another added: “To me it looked like he got hugged from behind right when he was going to spit. I don’t think he intended that.”

 Serge Aurier spit

Others, though, believe the former Paris Saint-Germain deliberately spat in the direction of Spurs’ fans.

“He does and you can see he is a bit agitated, it’s like he is making a bit of a point to a lot of stick that we’ve all seen,” one wrote.

Another said: “Noticed it live and he meant it that’s for sure.

“Just a very young angry foolish man with a hell of a lot to learn.”

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Intentional or not, Aurier must know that this isn’t a good look.

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