Deontay Wilder calls out Mike Tyson for lack of public praise

Deontay Wilder v Luis Ortiz

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sensitive kid playing Sunday league football, or one of the toughest fighters in professional boxing – everybody likes a bit of praise from their elders.

Following his latest victory against Luis Ortiz, current WBC champion Deontay Wilder received another wave of public praise from fans and pundits alike – with one notable exception.

Although he was 6-0 down on the scorecards, Wilder managed to clinch victory on Saturday night in the seventh round with a brutal right hand to Ortiz’ head, which sunk the Cuban fighter to the ground.

The manner of this victory prompted fans to draw comparisons between Wilder and his countryman Mike Tyson, who remains known as the hardest punching heavyweight in history.

Interestingly, Tyson has remained quieter than most on Wilder's continued success within the world of boxing - and Wilder himself has noticed.

After the fight with Ortiz, Wilder admitted that he was tired of hearing that Tyson appears willing to praise him behind closed doors, but seems reluctant to do so in the public eye.

He told TMZ, as per Daily Star: "I had some people sitting by Mike (at my fight). Mike gave me some praises, which I wish he would have said in public. Behind closed doors is cute and s**t but out in public?! Just express yourself!

"I don't know what the deal is with the old generation, new generation. Like, the old is the past, bro -- let it go!

"And sometimes history does repeat itself and God brings others that come along to make their own history.

Deontay Wilder v Luis Ortiz

"I had people telling me Mike was saying 'when I knocked guys out, I had to use combinations but with Wilder man that guy can hit'.

"I am the hardest-hitting puncher in boxing history, period."

Wilder appears determined to prove this point to both Mike and the rest of world boxing when he fights Tyson Fury next year in a highly-anticipated rematch.

He continued: "I mean, if [Tyson Fury] getting up off his back is the 'Kryptonite' than Lord have mercy! Have mercy upon him the 2nd time because he won't get up. Because I'm gonna get him again.

"These fighters have to be perfect for me for 12 rounds and that's 36 minutes! 36 minutes you gotta be perfect!"

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