Tyson Fury claims he could beat Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds 'in WWE or a real fight'

Tyson Fury

There may not be a sporting star who is having a busier end to 2019 than Tyson Fury.

The Gypsy King started off the final quarter of the year by making a surprise appearance on WWE SmackDown, which led to his debut wrestling match in Saudi Arabia against Braun Strowman.

After he had conquered the world of sports entertainment, Fury decided he wanted to make inroads into MMA, and has been training with middleweight star Darren Till and called out heavyweights Francis Ngannou and champion Stipe Miocic.

Away from the sporting world, Fury is currently in the middle of a book signing tour for his new autobiography 'Behind The Mask', and in addition to that he has a christmas single coming out with Robbie Williams, titled 'Bad Sharon'.

Tyson Fury makes his appearance at WWE Crown Jewel

In the midst of his media tour to accompany the release of his book, Fury appeared on the True Geordie podcast last week to talk about his battles with mental health, but also about his sporting life.

Conversation indeed switched to his move into the world of professional wrestling and his potential MMA switch, and there's one man that has conquered both already - Brock Lesnar.

Fury has already envisaged facing the Beast Incarnate at a future WrestleMania, where he said that one clip from him would send Lesnar 'to Tokyo'.

Brock Lesnar is a man that Tyson Fury would be interested in fighting

And Fury made an even bolder claim when speaking to True Geordie and Laurence McKenna about potentially one day crossing paths with Lesnar.

I fancy a fight with Brock, for sure. I watched a few of his fights.

"[He's] pretty handy, but I can flatten him. In a WWE match or a proper fight, I can flatten Brock Lesnar in 30 seconds."

We know that Fury can generate some knockout power in the boxing world when he wants to, but Lesnar has KO'd men in both WWE and UFC and is an incredibly fearsome opponent for anyone.

In that respect, it would be hard to predict what would happen between the two in a real fight, but one thing is for certain - Tyson Fury against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania would make a LOT of money for Vince McMahon!

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