Zlatan Ibrahimovic's statue outside Malmo's stadium has been defaced by fans


Zlatan Ibrahimovic's ego is likely to have taken an unusual dent after his statue was damaged outside Malmo's stadium. 

The Swede has incensed fans of the club where he began his career by buying a 25% stake in rivals Hammarby. 

The figure was only unveiled a month ago, situated between their new and old grounds.

Their fans will feel justified in defacing it, however, after the striker confirmed he had become part-owner of one of their enemies. 

News of that deal broke on Wednesday morning, with Malmo chiefs hoping the statue would still be respected. 

Instead, by 1pm a toilet seat had been attached to one of the arms, with a shirt later draped over his head and tape stuck to the chest. 


On the bright side, at least the 38-year-old won't be playing for Hammarby, as many thought he might when he revealed a video of himself holding up their shirt. 

Ibrahimovic's personal future is still up in the air after leaving LA Galaxy. AC Milan, Bologna, and even a return to Manchester United have all been touted as possible options, but it appears he is focusing on off-field ventures for now. 

His task is to promote youth football and use his profile to expand the club's global audience. 

It remains to be seen whether this signals the end of his playing days, though he's stated publicly that he intends to keep playing. 

Either way, he did not anticipate the move angering his ex-fans to such an extent. 

"This has nothing to do with MFF," he said, per the Sun.

"When it comes to the club, we talk about the footballer Zlatan. I think they in Malmo respect this.


"I have a good relationship with MFF and have had it all year. But this has nothing to do with me as a football player. I think those in Malmo are happy for me."

Judging by the reaction of Kaveh Hosseinpour, the vice-chair of the Malmo supporters' group, they are not happy for him in the slightest. 

Malmo fans are furious 

He told Fotbollskanalen:

"Of the reactions I have sent to me so far, I have not heard anyone who thinks this is good.

"Everyone is extremely critical. Some are disappointed, some are angry and some think it is idiotic.

"He has probably lost his grip on what he means to Malmo. He misunderstands his position a little when he says that Malmo will be happy for his sake.

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"There is no one in Malmo who runs around in an LA Galaxy shirt and plays with Ibrahimovic on his back.

"That statue will no longer matter now, considering where it stands and what he does now. He actively wants another club to be better than the club that made him what he is."

Ibrahimovic has achieved some feats in his career; you can add 'destroying an entire legacy within a day' to that list. 

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