Vince McMahon reportedly furious at Seth Rollins calling out CM Punk on Raw

Seth Rollins

He's been deeply unpopular with a large section of the WWE Universe for a number of months now, but Seth Rollins may have finally made the turn that people have wanted to see.

Boos started creeping into Rollins matches when he was facing Braun Strowman in September, but they've continued to grow since.

Survivor Series was even worse for the Kingslayer as not only did he eliminate the home-town hero Mustafa Ali in Chicago, but he also took out the popular NXT star Tommaso Ciampa, which in the crowd's eyes made him despicable.

But there looked to be some kind of turn on Monday Night Raw, as Rollins hosted a 'Town Hall' meeting and alienated the entire roster, making heelish comments saying everyone sucked and that Rey Mysterio's son Dominick was a 'stupid kid'.

And after the powerhouse duo AOP attacked Kevin Owens and refused to attack Rollins in the main event, Seth Stomped KO's head into the canvas, another heel-like move.

Seth Rollins showed signs of a heel turn on Raw

We're reluctant to commit and say that Rollins is a full-blown heel just yet, but it's looking promising.

Something else that was noteworthy of Rollins' doing on Raw was the first words he actually uttered as the show went on the air.

There were loud CM Punk chants from the Chicago crowd, and with Rollins trying to goad him on Twitter in the past few weeks, he felt like it was the perfect time to take another shot.

CM Punk was called out by Rollins at the start of Monday Night Raw

"I tried to get him [Punk] here, I'm sorry," Rollins told the audience.

"He didn't wanna show up. He wants to sit behind a desk in Los Angeles and talk about a change that he's too afraid to make himself."

This comment apparently riled Vince McMahon, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer - per WrestlingInc.

Vince McMahon is 'unhappy' at Rollins calling out CM Punk

According to Meltzer, McMahon has a rule where you shouldn't try to push a match on-air that's not actually possibly - and it isn't as Punk isn't signed to a WWE contract.

A similar occurrence happened at the end of Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast with Paul Heyman in 2015, where they teased Austin stepping back into the ring to face Brock Lesnar, even though it was never going to happen.

There's a chance Rollins against Punk may happen in the distant future, but it doesn't look likely anytime soon, and for that - Vince is not happy whatsoever.

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