Batista and Dana Brooke have been flirting on Twitter and WWE fans have been loving it


WWE are well-known for creating romance storylines, and there's even one going on right now on Monday Night Raw.

But we're not even sure that Vince McMahon could have created the love story that's playing out right now on social media.

And even though it's come as majorly unexpected, the WWE Universe are seemingly absolutely loving it.

So where did this all start then? Well it began with a tweet from WWE legend Batista, who declared that he was 'single' again via his Twitter account.

But a couple of days later he seemingly tried to shoot his shot with female WWE superstar Dana Brooke - 20 years his junior - but it looks like it has paid off.

There has been a lot of back and forth between the pair, which has seen Batista post topless selfies of himself 'working out' to try and impress her, and the two agreed to go to the gym together during WrestleMania weekend.

Up until this point it was hard to tell if it was serious or not, but Brooke dropped the 'I'll send you my number' line and this in particular saw 'The Animal' get really excited.

The reaction to this developing love story has been absolutely hilarious - and it's not just the fans who are invested in it.

After WWE broadcaster Renee Young revealed that the blossoming romance between Batista and Dana was the best thing going right now, even CM Punk responded [with a GIF of a line from the movie 'Airplane' - of what relevance it has to Renee's tweet we're not sure at all].

Dana Brooke and Batista have been shooting their shots on social media and fans have loved every second of it

We've also had fans posting incredulous messages trying to wingman Batista - not that he will need the help anyway - but needless to say it's brought a lot of wrestling fans together and they're incredibly invested in the whole thing.

And these tweets sum it all up - WWE fans are saying it's a better storyline than the Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley fiasco on Raw!

It will be very interesting to see where this goes, and it may end up getting Dana a bit more exposure on weekly television as people are already invested - the power of social media!

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