Women's Sports: Support for women's football up by 60%, according to Nielsen Sports

England Women v Germany Women - International Friendly

Nielsen Sport, a data analytics company, has released a new report showing a surge in the popularity of women’s sports in the UK.

The standout figure shows that, in the UK, support for women’s football increasing by 60% since 2017. 

As attendance records continue to fall in the WSL this season and for the Lionesses’ match at Wembley, in the UK women’s football is attracting more and more fans.

Nearly 30,000 adults in the UK were surveyed for the report between 2017 and 2019. It was able to chart the rising interest in women’s sports across this period.

Perhaps most importantly, the report shows that women’s football is now being more frequently discussed among friends and family. 40% of those asked said they learnt more about the game by discussing what’s happening in women’s football with their friends and family.

Nielsen Sport’s global lead on women’s sport, Lynsey Douglas, said: “Our analysis shows that support for women’s football in the UK is continuing to grow and quickly.

“Our data shines a light on the consumer habits of women’s football fans, who are more likely than followers of the men’s game to have families and to be key decision-makers when it comes to making purchases for the family.”

The report shows that followers of women’s football in the UK are digitally engaged and 62% of them use the internet to follow games.

Similarly, 62% of women’s football fans tune in to live broadcasts of football games with 9% more than 2018 also following by listening to live match radio broadcasts.  

England Women v Germany Women - International Friendly

Douglas anticipates this report and its results can be used by brands to push forward women’s sport and the exposure it is able to get in future.

“It’s this kind of insight which we can expect brands to use as they aim to capitalise on the growing commercial opportunities presented by a highly engaged and steadily rising fanbase of women’s football followers,” Douglas explained.

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