Three potential final matches for the Brothers of Destruction as a tag team

Kane and The Undertaker

Some time in the near future, both Kane and The Undertaker will retire from wrestling.

At 52 and 54 years old respectively, you'd assume that the pair don't have that long left, despite being more than able to tell a compelling story inside the squared circle.

Whilst Taker has wrestled a couple of times in 2019, Kane hasn't competed in a proper match since Crown Jewel in 2018.

But despite his politics career coming first now, he still wants to re-unite the Brothers of Destruction one last time.

So we've mapped out three potential stories and matches for their last ever feud and match together - and there's a mix of redemption, putting over a younger team and a match that's never happened before!


The Brothers of Destruction's last match was against DX in 2018

As we know, these two teams faced-off for the first time ever at Crown Jewel in November 2018.

However the match didn't run as smoothy as planned due to Triple H tearing his pectoral muscle.

DX ended up winning that match, but Kane and Taker could re-unite and seek revenge on The Game and the Heart Break Kid for that loss, and with both men being involved in NXT, it could be a perfect place to restart the feud by attacking them on one of the shows.

It can't happen overseas again though - it's a WrestleMania-calibre match and that's the only place it should occur!


The Viking Raiders are now one of the top teams in WWE and could get a huge rub from beating the BoD.

The second proposed plan is for Kane and The Deadman to put a fresher, younger team over on their way out.

AOP were considered but as of right now, Akam and Rezar aren't really that over with the fans, however that may change if they're pushed further up the Monday Night Raw card.

The Viking Raiders however are connecting with the fans more, and imagine what a victory over the Brothers of Destruction would do for their profile.

Both Ivar and Erik are not only hard-hitters, but also really athletic, and bringing the best of both worlds could lead to a really entertaining match.


All four men have teamed up before, but The Undertaker and Kane have never faced Matt and Jeff Hardy

Now this would all depend on whether or not Jeff Hardy recovers from his injury and alcohol troubles, but how good would it be to see the Big Red Monster and Undertaker take on The Hardys for the first time EVER?

They've teamed up before but it's surprising to know that they never faced each other in the Attitude Era.

Both of the Hardy brothers can still go in the ring, and whilst all are past their primes, how cool would it be to see all four men share the squared circle?

If it did happen, you'd probably have to favour the decision going to the Brothers of Destruction, but in this case it doesn't really matter who is the winner - wrestling is the victor.

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