Jon Moxley on the major booking differences between AEW and WWE


Since it's inception, AEW has tried its best to be an alternative wrestling show to anything that WWE provides, rather than just a carbon copy.

Over the years, WWE has stuck to the show plan they know works and they rarely deviate from that set path.

AEW, on the other hand, has been testing new ways of starting a show out each and every week since their weekly show began at the start of October. 

So far, it's been working really well for them, as they've managed to beat WWE's NXT most of the time in the weekly ratings since the Wednesday Night Wars began.

Speaking with 101WKQX's Kevin Kellam in Chicago, via Wrestling Inc, Jon Moxley talked about how different AEW is to WWE, referring to how AEW isn't afraid to test new ideas out when they operate their shows.

"There's no formula, anything that works. We give it a platform and give it a chance to work and get over, and all these different things that are kind of, various people's... some people really like high-flying lucha libre this & that, some people really get into fun comedy stuff like that, some people only want to see the hard-hitting people getting dropped on their head stuff.

"Everybody likes something a little different. Some people like the sports entertainment, you know, people on the mic going back & forth. And we have all of that on the show.

"It's unpredictable, it's... Dynamite is a very... apropos name because it's like a powder keg of anything could happen where as in WWE or other promotions maybe, like not trying to throw any shade or anything, but it can be very predictable because they have a formula.


"Show opens, guy comes out with a mic, talks. Other guys' music hits, comes out with a mic, talks. We've made the main event for tonight or whatever. There's just these patterns and formulas that you see, and subconsciously you know as a fan what's happening and you can predict stuff. We don't have any formulas or patterns yet.

"One week we open the show with Nick Jackson and Fenix, and you see this ridiculous match. One week we open with a promo, one week we open with who knows? Maybe we'll open with the World Title match tomorrow night.

"Maybe Chris Jericho says I'm the champion and I'm going on first. That could happen. I'm not saying that's happening, it could. You know, I think it's a great idea. I'm going to text somebody right now. Let's just open the show, man. World Title. We could do anything."


Moxley has flourished more since leaving WWE and a big reason behind that has to be the freedom which AEW provides.

He now looks set to be the next challenger for Chris Jericho's AEW World Championship, a wrestler he's all too familiar with thanks to their time together in WWE.

However, if Moxley's words are to be believed, any feud between the two is going to be nothing similar to their work together in WWE.

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