Report: Mauro Ranallo in 'rough shape' following Corey Graves' tweets

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Mauro Ranallo is reportedly in 'rough shape' following the recent tweets from Corey Graves criticising his commentary at NXT TakeOver: WarGames during WWE Survivor Series weekend.

NXT's Mauro Ranallo missed last Sunday's Survivor Series show following the series tweets from SmackDown's Corey Graves criticising his commentary at NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Graves said in his tweets that Ranallo talked too much by himself during the broadcast, and didn't ask his co-commentators, Nigel McGuiness and Beth Phoenix, for their opinions enough.

This didn't sit well with many WWE fans, who criticised the SmackDown commentator for publicly airing his issues rather than taking them up in a private matter, as well as for not taking into consideration Ranallo's struggle with mental illness.

To explain his absence at Survivor Series, Michael Cole said that Ranallo 'blew his voice out' at Takeover, adding Ranallo would be back at the following Wednesday's NXT taping.

However, the NXT commentator did not work the taping, and was replaced by Tom Phillips. Reports have now emerged stating Ranallo has been in 'rough shape' and his situation is probably worse than what has been stated so far.

According to Wrestling Inc, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that Ranallo's condition had been pretty bad over the last couple of days, noting that 'it's a day by day thing.'

WWE has also been in contact with Ranallo's manager, Frank Shamrock, and Ranallo will return when he's able to.

While Graves hasn't deleted his original tweets, he has apologised to Shamrock, and he has also issued an apology to Ranallo on the After The Bell podcast.


He said on his podcast: "This past Saturday, during the Takeover: WarGames event, I sent out a tweet. It was an unpopular opinion, as I often do with the intention of just stirring up a little controversy, maybe have something fun to talk about on TV or here on the show.

"It was maybe not the most professional way to go about things, and it was never meant to offend or disrespect or disparage anybody. That was never my intention. If it was taken as such, I apologize deeply. That was not my intention.

"I would never intentionally cause anybody undue stress, especially a co-worker. So, I apologize."

Fingers crossed Ranallo is able to return to the NXT announce table soon.

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