Five superstars who could face Universal Champion 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt at WWE TLC


'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt successfully defended his Universal Championship at Survivor Series last week, and he'll likely have to defend the title again next month at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan to successfully retain his Universal Championship at Survivor Series last Sunday, his first title defence since becoming Universal Champion.

With Wyatt being one of the most over superstars in WWE right now, as well as their top merchandise seller, he's bound to have another title defence at TLC, which is set to take place on December 15 at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

The road to TLC for The Fiend will likely begin on SmackDown tonight, so there's every chance we find out exactly who the Universal Champion will be facing on the show later this evening.

Until then, here are five superstars who could face Wyatt for the Universal Championship at TLC.

Daniel Bryan


Although Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series, it still feels as though the feud between the two still has a lot of fuel left in the tank.

Bryan passed out to The Fiend’s Mandible Claw and was then pinned, so it will be interesting to see how WWE books his mindset coming out of that match and if he'll go back to the well for the Yes! chants.

This feud could be the start of a huge face turn for Bryan that will see him become one of the top babyfaces on SmackDown, but he's unlikely to capture the Universal title.

The Miz


The Miz is another superstar that has been linked with a feud with The Fiend recently, and he's also been the middle man in the Survivor Series feud between Wyatt and Bryan.

Naturally, it feels as though The Miz's involvement with Wyatt and Bryan will spark a feud between Bryan and Miz, but The Awesome One would also be a great superstar to carry The Fiend over into the new year.

An easy route to get him involved while not removing Bryan from the equation would be to have a triple threat at TLC. It would give WWE freedom over who eats the pin at the show and the spark for a Bryan/Miz feud in the new year as well. 

Braun Strowman


Despite being one of the top superstars on SmackDown, Braun Strowman has never won a world title, but he could be given the opportunity to do so by facing his former Wyatt Family brother at TLC.

Wyatt has been feuding with people from his past a lot recently, and The Monster Among Men fits that bill as well, and it would be a fresh new feud for The Fiend as he is yet to face someone as big as Strowman.

The two have already mixed up with one another during their time on Raw earlier in the year too, but like The Miz and Bryan, it's unlikely that Strowman would beat Wyatt for the Universal title. He would just be someone to fill the void until the Royal Rumble, but a great opponent nevertheless.

Kofi Kingston


Feeling hard done by that he never got an opportunity to have a rematch for the WWE Championship now Brock Lesnar is on Raw, there's a pathway for Kofi Kingston to challenge Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship.

Granted, this would likely mean himself and New Day member Big E will have to drop the SmackDown Tag Team titles, but Heavy Machinery are rising and look ready to take over the division.

This match at TLC would likely be a one-and-done match for Kingston. However, if it's a TLC match, it would allow Big E to get involved and try to use the numbers game against The Fiend and his unnatural behaviour, only for the Universal Champion to still prevail. 

Roman Reigns


This is a feud many are expecting WWE to execute in 2020 for WrestleMania, but if WWE wants to bring it forward, there's the option for The Fiend to face Roman Reigns at TLC.

The Big Dog is looking strong after being the sole survivor in the men's elimination match at Survivor Series, and as a result, he may be given a shot to go after Wyatt and the Universal title. He also fits the current trend of The Fiend facing Wyatt's former adversaries.

In all likelihood, Reigns is going to be facing Baron Corbin at TLC to settle their beef that started before Survivor Series, but since Reigns is one of the biggest stars on SmackDown right now, it wouldn't be surprising to see him face Wyatt at the show instead.

There are plenty of superstars for The Fiend to face at TLC which could help lay the foundations for a huge WrestleMania season and 2020 for him.

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