Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona: Lionel Messi's speech to teammates before stunning defeat

If Lionel Messi never wins the Champions League again, he will look back on Barcelona’s defeat to Liverpool in last season’s Champions League semi-final with even more disappointment.

Messi had a glorious chance to add a fourth European title but Barcelona capitulated at Anfield, losing 4-0 and bowing out 4-3 on aggregate.

The Argentinian admitted that the defeat ‘left a mark’ on the club’s season – and recent reports claim that it even sparked him to send a message to Neymar begging him to return.

A new documentary chronicling Barcelona’s 2018/19 season has been released and plenty of focus is given to the Anfield fixture.

We see a shell-shocked dressing room at full-time, where the players are sat in stunned silence, and we also see Messi deliver a message to his teammates before the match begin.

And Messi delivered a motivational message, reminding his teammates of their collapse against Roma in 2018 and urging them to avoid a report of that disappointment.

“Come on people. We are going to take a step forward,” Messi says. “We can’t waste this opportunity, OK?

“Give everything, now that we are here.

“We have to start strong. Remember, Rome was our fault. Nobody else’s.

We mustn’t let the same thing happen. It was our fault and nobody else’s.

Messi says more words at half-time. At this point, Barcelona are trailing 1-0.

The 32-year-old wants his players to stop sitting sitting deep and wants Barcelona to score.

“Come on, come on, we need to start strong. Let’s keep going, we can do it,” he says.

“Don’t sit back, come on let’s start leaving. We have to score a goal, we have to score a goal.

Unfortunately for Messi and Barcelona, the second half was a nightmare.

Liverpool scored three times to stun the Spanish club and end their dreams of a first Champions League title since 2015.

The scene features in episode seven of the Barcelona documentary ‘Matchday’, showing on Rakuten TV.

It’s free to register to watch it, and we highly recommend you do so. Especially if you’re a Liverpool fan.

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