Gerard Pique 'ended up in the police station more than once' at Manchester United


Gerard Pique’s time at Manchester United, on the field, is particularly forgettable.

The Spaniard made just 12 appearances over a four year stint at the club from 2004 to 2008, spending one of those years on loan at Zaragoza.

However, his off-field life in Manchester seems to have been much more interesting, according to the Daily Mail.

“I have had very dark episodes in this city (Manchester) myself,” Pique said. “I ended up in the police station more than once. Best not to go into that, it was when I was young. I was there and I wasn't anybody.

“The city is also not as bad as they paint it, although it is not quiet, as I have heard it said.”

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The World Cup winning centre-back was speaking in Matchday, Barcelona’s new documentary, and revealed that he had a couple of run-ins with Sir Alex Ferguson too.

“I rented a house from Sir Alex and I bought a rabbit and it destroyed the house. It bit all the seats, everything. And when I left, he called me, (he was) raging.”

Pique also revealed Ferguson’s furious response to a casino Christmas party.

“Two or three days before Christmas, there was a party just for the players in the team. It was the bee's knees, they really cut loose,” the 32-year-old said.

“It was all day long. We left training, left our cars there and got a bus. We went to the casino. Casino, party.

“The next day Sir Alex was waiting for us in the dressing room. We got a real scolding. There was an aluminum chair and he kicked it but unfortunately with his shin. 

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“You could see him start limping. He'd destroyed his leg. It was spectacular. From there on they stopped with the Christmas party.”

Pique and his Barcelona teammates travel to the Spanish capital on Sunday to face Atletico Madrid, as they aim to remain top of La Liga.

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