FIFA 20 players demonstrate displeasure by protesting outside EA's headquarters


Players of FIFA 20 have shown their frustration at certain aspects of the game by protesting outside EA’s headquarters in Bucharest.

EA, who develop and publish the game, have been producing their FIFA titles since 1993 but have faced backlash over their latest release.

Anger has stemmed from a lack of good rewards in the game’s Weekend League feature, button delay and alleged scripting of games.

A picture of the protest was shared by a Reddit user, accompanied by the caption: “People protesting right now in front of EA HQ in Bucharest complaining about pack luck in weekend league rewards, button delay and the script.”

The post, which has 3,600 upvotes, was met with a mixed response.

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“I wish I could join them, its [sic] so frustrating having no one to complain to besides the community,” said user RPRHUNT.

User newme also supported the protest.

“People can take the p**s all they want but these guys saw something they thought was unjust and made a stand. I respect that.”

However, not everyone agreed that it was the correct thing to do.

“With all of the s**t going [on] in the world, they protest for this. And I imagine few hours later after this protest they are gonna go home and play WL,” said one user.

“Stop playing the game, stop wasting money at FP [FIFA points]. That is [a] real protest.”

Another Reddit user, alexharvey04, said: “Realistically tho [sic] all that's gonna happen is [they're] gonna have a nice laugh upstairs while calculating how much money there [sic] gonna make tomorrow.”


This is not the first time that EA have been criticised.

The presence of microtransactions in a game played by children has been condemned by some in the past, although the UK Gambling Commission does not consider the game to involve gambling.

In Belgium however, FIFA in-game currency has been banned and Republican Senator Josh Hawley has called for loot boxes to be banned in the US.

“When a game is designed for kids, game developers shouldn't be allowed to monetise addiction,” he said to the BBC.

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