Fantasy booking the match card for Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2019

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins could go head-to-head again at TLC

We are about to enter the final month of the calendar year, which means there is only one pay-per-view left of 2019 for WWE to produce.

And for the 11th year in a row, that will be Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

The match stipulation, along with Hell In A Cell, both became pay-per-views of their own and it's normally now the only time in the year we will get to see both match types at their eponymous events.

This year TLC rolls into Minneapolis, Minnesota - the city where Brock Lesnar called his home as an amateur wrestler - but he and the WWE Championship will not be appearing yet again.

With that in mind, let's have a look at what the card should look like, taking into account current storylines.

'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt [c] v Daniel Bryan - TLC match for the Universal Championship

Daniel Bryan and The Fiend fight on SmackDown

Bryan accepted Wyatt's challenge for another title match last night on SmackDown - normally it's the other way around but this is Bray Wyatt we are talking about.

Things took a very sinister turn though as The Fiend seemed to scalp Bryan under the ring, bringing up clumps of his hair to the ring mat.

We may see Bryan with a new look next week, but one thing is for sure - a brutal match type is needed to settle this feud, and that match type can be TLC.

Kabuki Warriors [c] v Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch - TLC match for Women's Tag Team Championship

Kabuki Warriors may defend their Women's Tag Team Championships at TLC

This bout happened on Raw at the beginning of the month in England, but a Shayna Baszler distraction led to Asuka and Kairi Sane retaining their titles.

With Asuka getting one over on both Lynch and Flair in singles competition in recent weeks, they could come together once again to try and vanquish the Japanese duo for good.

They could do it in a TLC match, and with three of the four women competing last year in the first-ever all-women's TLC bout, they'll be more-than used to the bumps they'll be taking.

Rey Mysterio [c] v Andrade v Ricochet v AJ Styles v Randy Orton v Drew McIntyre - Ladder match for the United States Championship

Rey Mysterio won the US Championship for the second time on Raw last week

A long list of challengers emerged for AJ Styles' United States Championship on Raw this past week, and not only did Mysterio defeat Ricochet, Orton and McIntyre in a Fatal Four-Way, but he then beat the Phenomenal One for the title.

All five of the men previously mentioned should re-convene at TLC for a high-stakes Ladder match, but considering he's on a roll since his move to Raw, Andrade should be thrown into the mix too.

The US Title is now the number-one championship on Monday nights, as long as Brock Lesnar isn't around, and this match could steal the show. 

Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens - Tables match

Rollins showed some heel-like tendencies on Raw, and after AOP beat down Owens during his match with the Kingslayer, they refused to take out Rollins.

Because of this, it would be reasonable to assume that Rollins could form a heel partnership with Akam and Rezar going forward, and they could help him defeat Owens.

Via an accidental referee bump, AOP could get involved in the match and help put KO through a table, cementing the new dominant heel faction of Raw.

Bayley [c] v Lacey Evans - SmackDown Women's Championship

Bayley's next challenger looks likely to be Lacey Evans

The Sassy Southern Belle confronted the champion and her friend Sasha Banks after being called out, and the Alabama crowd reacted very positively to her.

She was positioned as a babyface, and when Sasha got in her face, she absolutely levelled her with a Women's Right.

But if Evans and Bayley do square off at TLC, it will probably be a win for Bayley - with assistance from The Boss herself.

Shinsuke Nakamura [c] v Sheamus - Intercontinental Championship

Sheamus has returned to WWE and could re-form 'The Bar' with Cesaro

A return vignette for Sheamus aired on SmackDown last night, and with two episodes of SmackDown until TLC there is still enough time to set this up.

It can be done as simply doing a number-one contenders Battle Royal, with the Celtic Warrior coming out on top.

But the main cog in this match would be Cesaro, who has aligned himself with Nakamura and Sami Zayn recently.

The Swiss Cyborg would have to make a decision towards the end of the match - and in our eyes he should assist Nakamura and not his former tag team partner, and help him retain the title.

Roman Reigns v King Corbin - Chairs match

Roman Reigns and King Corbin have continued their feud on SmackDown

Whether we want it or not, this match is definitely happening, although what stipulation it'll be remains to be seen.

A Dog Collar match was rumoured, but there needs to be a 'Chairs match' somewhere on the card and this will have to be it.

This feud could end up rumbling on into 2020, but this would be a good place to finish off the rivalry for good.

Buddy Murphy v Aleister Black

Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy confront each other on Raw

These two men had a coming together on Raw last week, and whilst this match may actually happen on Raw, it could steal the show if they save it for this pay-per-view.

Both men are hard-hitting individuals and are two superstars who Paul Heyman reportedly sees big things in, so it'll be interesting to see who would be booked to win this one.

Kick-Off Show - Kofi Kingston & Big E [c] v Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode - SmackDown Tag Team Championships

The pre-show needs a match and with Ziggler and Roode winning the Survivor Series tag team Battle Royal, why not reward them with a title shot?

It's far too early for Kofi and Big E to lose the titles though - they should retain.

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