Matt Hardy could end up leaving WWE in February 2020


Matt Hardy may only have a few more matches left in the WWE, as his current contract with the company expires next year.

Matt Hardy made his first WWE appearance in months on Monday Night Raw this past week, wrestling and losing in a match against Buddy Murphy.

This might end up being one of his final matches in WWE if he doesn't sign a new deal with the company over the next couple of months.

This is due to the fact that, according to PWInsider, Hardy's contract with the WWE expires in February 2020.

PWInsider has noted in their report that while the two sides have been in discussions, we are told that how Hardy will be used going forward has been the biggest sticking point in negotiations.

Hardy and WWE reportedly aren't far apart on the financial standpoint, it's more how Hardy will be used in the ring in what could be the final deal of his in-ring career.

Most likely, Hardy doesn't want to be used in the way he was this past week on Raw, simply being brought in to enhance talent that is being pushed. He's a bigger name than that.


WWE didn't capitalize on the 'Broken' Matt Hardy persona as much as they could have, as their 'Woken' version didn't connect with the fans in the same way and it wasn't pushed as hard as previous incarnations of the character.

If Hardy doesn't sign a new deal, he would be free and clear to perform or sign elsewhere in February 2020.

However, his brother Jeff will likely be with WWE for a few months longer despite the two brothers signing with the company at the same time before WrestleMania 33 over two years ago.


WWE will likely add on time to Jeff's contract due to his leg injury and legal issues over the past year.

If Matt does end up moving away from WWE, he is expected to revert back to the Broken gimmick, as he has already begun heavily pushing the persona on social media.

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