Simon Jordan calls for the Premier League to introduce Netflix-style service

It was reported by the Daily Mail in June that football fans could end up paying £900 to watch all of the televised Premier League matches this season.

Sky can cost £67.50 a month while a BT Sport subscription is £29.99 a month.

Then, with Amazon showing games for the first time this season, an Amazon Prime subscription costing £7.99 a month will be required.

Of course, some won’t choose to pay for all of those services. And with Amazon only showing games in December, many will choose to pay for Amazon Prime for just one month.

But it doesn’t take away from the fact that watching Premier League football is becoming increasingly difficult – and hitting the pocket harder than ever.

That’s why former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has called for the Premier League to introduce a Netflix-style subscription service.

During his appearance on talkSPORT on Sunday, Jordan suggested a subscription service costing £9 a month would generate more revenue for the Premier League and could attract 100 million subscribers.

“I think they’ve got to become their own broadcaster, set up their own platform, become a video on demand broadcaster, and be able to remove the price parameters that people are resisting now with the traditional broadcasters,” Jordan said.

“People are churning off Sky, churning off BT because they don’t way to pay £75, £80 pound a month, they don’t think it’s justified.

“If you brought in something like a Netflix version of football with 100 million subscribers around the world paying £9 a month, you’d have no churn because nobody would resist that price point, you’d bring in £11 billion every year rather than £2.7 billion, or £8.1 billion every three years, and you’d build a model that would have enormous revenue sustainability, income models and growth.


GIVEMESPORT’s Scott Wilson says:

Jordan is spot on, and it would be a surprise if the Premier League weren’t considering something similar to Netflix.

Fans don’t want to pay for Sky and BT Sport due to their hefty prices but a Netflix-style service would cost less and could give them more options.

If the law was changed to allow Saturday 3pm kick-offs to be aired, then fans could pay their monthly fees, watch their favourite team play at 3pm and then have the freedom to watch the Saturday lunchtime, Saturday evening and Sunday games.

The NFL provide a service called Game Pass whereby fans pay a fee each season and can watch any game of their choosing.

Amazon and Disney have adopted similar approaches and to make fans feel as though they are being thought about, the Premier League must follow suit.

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