Anthony Joshua is flooring sparring partners in build-up to Andy Ruiz Jr rematch

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr. - Media Workout

Timothy Moten has claimed this week that Anthony Joshua has been flooring his sparring partners ahead of his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr.

The undefeated American heavyweight has been in camp with Joshua ahead of the fight in Saudi Arabia on December 7.

With the loss in June, Joshua’s record now stands at 22 wins and one loss. Ruiz, meanwhile, will be looking for his 34th win on Saturday night. The Mexican also has one loss to his record.

Joshua has been in camp for three months in preparation to win the belts back that he lost in New York. Moten has stated that the English boxer has been in fine form ahead of the fight.

Twenty-seven-year-old Mexican Elvis Garcia has sparred more than 60 rounds with Joshua and he has stated that AJ is mentally in a good place ahead of what is deemed by many to be the most important fight of his professional boxing career.

Ruiz Jr. was a late handpicked replacement in June and it looked to be a formality for Joshua, especially after dropping the challenger inside the third round.

However, Ruiz put the champion to the canvas twice in the seventh round, causing perhaps the biggest boxing upset in the 21st century when the referee called the fight off.

Timothy Moten is confident that a repeat of the loss in June won’t be seen in Saudi Arabia.

“There have been guys here, I don’t want to say any names, but I’ve seen guys come into camp, get blown away and get sent home that same week,” Moten said to Sportsmail.

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr. - Media Workout

He’s dropped a few of his sparring partners and he’s rocked a lot. Joshua is by far the hardest hitter I’ve been in the ring with.

“Almost every session I ask him how he’s doing, what he’s thinking,” Moten stated. “He says to me, ‘Ready, ready’. Mentally he is in a good place. I can see that in his eyes. He’s got a focus I’ve not seen.

“I think he may have needed that wake-up call. He needed to get that hunger back and I’m telling you, it’s there again.

“He’s got that warrior’s spirit. His mentality is to destroy. He is like a focused, caged lion and when the time is right, he will unleash.

Andy Ruiz Jr. v Anthony Joshua 2 (Clash on the Dunes) - Press Conference

“There’s always a point in every Andy Ruiz fight where he reverts to that Mexican background and he is ready to bang, we saw that with Anthony Joshua in the first fight,” Moten continued.

“When Joshua floored him, he was hurt and that Mexican style came out. Joshua has been sparring a Mexican heavyweight, Elvis Garcia, who is exactly the same.

“One time Garcia was hit with a big shot by Joshua in sparring and we all thought: ‘Wooh, is he out’ but then he came firing back at him, so Joshua is learning to keep his composure, move his head, keep his guard up high even if he lands hurtful shots.

“And then on top of that he has other guys here to work with his speed and general sparring. He’s got a bunch of guys here that are just perfect, we all just work perfect when we are in there with him because everybody is pushing him and we are getting the best out of him and you’ll see the results on fight night.”

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