Ten superstars that are entering the final few months of their WWE contracts


Now we've entered the final month of 2019, 2020 is just around the corner. With that, a few WWE superstars will be entering the final months of their current contract.

Several big names have already signed new deals over the past few months in order to keep themselves in WWE for a couple more years.

Superstars like Randy Orton, The Miz, Nikki Cross, Paige, Lana, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns have all signed new deals with WWE over the past year, meaning we'll be seeing them on our screen for a few more years to come.

However, there are still a few big names in WWE that will be entering the new year with only a few months to go on their current contract with the company.

Here are 10 superstars that are entering the final few months of their WWE contracts.

Honourary Mention - Shinsuke Nakamura


Shinsuke Nakamura's contract doesn't expire in 2020 according to Wrestling Inc, it expires in 2019!

While there has been no official word from WWE that he has signed a new deal, there have been reports that he did sign a new contract with the company a few months ago.

If he was leaving, WWE probably would have taken the Intercontinental title off him already in preparation for his departure.

Brock Lesnar


According to Wrestling Inc, Brock Lesnar's current deal with WWE is set to expire in either May or June 2020.

The Beast is another superstar that WWE will likely offer a new deal to in the coming months before his current contract expires.

Despite his part-time status, the WWE Champion is a big draw for the company, especially as a champion. WWE will probably find a way to sign him up to a new deal for at least another year.

The Hardy Boyz


Fightful reports that both Matt and Jeff Hardy's contracts with WWE are set to expire in 2020, but at different times of the year. 

Matt's contract is set to expire in February 2020. It was recently reported that he was in negotiations with WWE over a new deal, but the main thing stopping him signing on for a few more years is how he will be used.

As for Jeff, his deal expires in March 2020, but a few more months could be added on by WWE due to his leg injury and legal issues over the past year.

Both could end up signing new deals with the company if the written word in their contracts fits their desires for the tail end of their respective in-ring careers.

Luke Harper


Fightful has reported that Luke Harper's current deal with WWE was set to expire last month, but it's been reported that time may have been added on to this deal due to time off for his injuries over the past year.

It's widely known as well that Harper is currently unhappy in WWE and has already asked for his release, so he's unlikely to sign a new deal with the company. He's also already trademarked his former indy name, Brodie Lee.

All signs are pointing at him leaving the company in 2020.

Mandy Rose


According to Fightful, Mandy Rose's contract with WWE is set to expire in late 2020. During the early portion of 2019, it was thought by many fans that Rose would be the next in line to challenge for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Even though this never really came into fruition, she has still been featured heavily on SmackDown as part of Fire and Desire alongside Sonya Deville.

The Golden Goddess will be another superstar WWE will try and sign to a new deal, as it will be surprising if they just let her walk. However, she has spoken about moving on from wrestling in the past.

The Revival


The WWE deals of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are expected to expire in April 2020, and the two have been teasing leaving the company for some time.

While Dawson is currently free to leave in April 2020, according to Fightful, Wilder will have 10 weeks added on to the end of his deal to make up for the time he missed due to injury.

The two have been heavily linked to AEW over the past year, and that will be their likely landing spot if they don't sign new deals with WWE. WWE will likely do everything they can just to stop them from joining AEW.

Kalisto and Gran Metalik


According to Wrestling Inc, Lucha House Party's Kalisto and Gran Metalik's contracts with WWE are set to expire in June 2020.

During his time as a singles star, Kalisto didn't quite live up to the expectation upon him of being WWE's next big Latino superstar.

However, since teaming up with fellow luchadors Metalik and Lince Dorado as the Lucha House Party, things have been on the up for him.

The trio still has a lot of potential now they've been together for around a year, and they were also drafted to SmackDown in the WWE Draft, so WWE still believes in them. Both Kalisto and Metalik could be offered new deals in the coming months as a result.

Rey Mysterio


Fightful has reported that while Rey Mysterio's current deal with WWE doesn't expire until October 2020, he can opt-out of this deal six months before it expires in April 2020.

Mysterio has been heavily pushed recently, as he won the United States Championship last week on Raw and he also had a WWE title match vs Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

Rey's son, Dominic, has also reportedly signed a deal with WWE and will be making his in-ring debut for the company next year. 

Taking all this into account, it would be surprising if WWE doesn't offer Mysterio a new deal, as he would be a top free agent with AEW hot on his heels if he's allowed to walk at the end of his contract.

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