David Ferrer chooses Rafael Nadal over Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

2019 Davis Cup - Day Seven

Tennis is filled with some huge international superstar level names.

We are seemingly living through an age where there is a truly star-studded cast of elite players with each one trying to out-do the last.

Despite the accolades, achievements and accomplishments reached by tennis moguls such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray (amongst an array of other talents), it seems that there has been one player in the mens’ singles division who is on the back of possibly his best season to date; none other than Rafael Nadal!

Depending on who you ask, people are often divided on who they feel is the best tennis player in the world – whether that be currently or all-time best ever.

A lot of people might be of the opinion that it is indeed Roger Federer, after all, he does have more Grand Slam tournament titles than anybody else at a grand total of 20 no less.

Whatever the case may be, Nadal is 33 and Federer is 38 respectively, so this would suggest that both men’s careers are coming to their winter seasons, Federer’s even more so it would suggest.

Nevertheless, Nadal has had an incredible year to date, winning all competitive matches in the Davis Cup as well as finishing the year as the oldest year-end world number one – a triumph that is new territory.

Of course, the argument still remains – who is the better player, Federer or Nadal? And of course, you've still got Djokovic in that discussion.

Every sport has their own debate; football has Ronaldo and Messi; Boxing has Ali, Tyson; and it is only right that tennis have theirs.

Laver Cup 2019 - Day 1

David Ferrer, former world number 3, didn’t hold back in his assessment of Nadal, as he said, per tennis365: “Rafa is just unbelievable.

“To finish as the number one player in the world, playing amazing tennis, winning all the matches at the Davis Cup.

“It’s maybe the greatest-ever season that I’ve seen from him.

“The thing with Rafa is that he is still improving his game. He is a superhero.

“But Rafa, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are all very special tennis players.

2019 Davis Cup - Day Seven

“People must enjoy Rafa over the next few years because it will be very difficult to see the like of him again.

“I am really happy to see him, Roger and Novak all still playing at such a high level.”

Nadal and Federer have shared large parts of either career ingulfed in huge competitive rivalry between one another. The comparison of Grand Slam titles goes to the wire with Federer on 20 and Nadal on 19.

Time will tell as it always does, but with a five-year window in Nadal’s favour, it would seem foolish to think that more records won’t be broken – we don’t know how long each man will go on for, but we should sure appreciate them while we can.

Each man’s legacy speaks for themselves, and is ultimately that in which they will both be judged after they hang it up for good; but as for right now, let the rivalry continue.

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