Anthony Joshua denies knocking out sparring partners ahead of Andy Ruiz rematch


Anthony Joshua has denied rumours that he has knocked out opponents during sparring sessions while preparing for his rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr. 

American heavyweight Timothy Moten has been training alongside AJ ahead of his rematch against Ruiz, and claims that the Brit has been giving his sparring opponents a tough time. 

Talking to MailOnline, Moten said: "There have been guys here, I don't want to say any names, but I've seen guys come into camp, get blown away and get sent home that same week.

"He's dropped a few of his sparring partners and he's rocked a lot.

"Joshua is by far the hardest hitter I've been in the ring with."

However, when Joshua was asked if he has ever knocked out opponents during training sessions, he told Behind The Gloves: "Me dropping sparring partners? No.

"Normally it's the other way around, they are dropped me and sending me home!

"No, they're doing a good job, they are with me now. I respect all my sparring partners that come out and get me ready physically, so I appreciate them.

"I don't really use sparring partners to try to knock them out because they are here to make me better.

"So no, none of them got sent home."

Moten also revealed in the same interview that Joshua has been training with undefeated Mexican heavyweight Elvis Gracia, who apparently matched Ruiz's skills, to help get AJ ready for the rematch.

"There's always a point in every Andy Ruiz fight where he reverts to that Mexican background and he is ready to bang, we saw that with Anthony Joshua in the first fight.

"When Joshua floored him, he was hurt and that Mexican style came out. Joshua has been sparring a Mexican heavyweight, Elvis Garcia, who is exactly the same.

"One time Garcia was hit with a big shot by Joshua in sparring and we all thought: "Woah, is he out?" but then he came firing back at him, so Joshua is learning to keep his composure, move his head, keep his guard up high even if he lands hurtful shots."

So, it sounds like either Moten or AJ aren't telling the whole truth about training, but it does at least look like Joshua is getting some great sessions in before his rematch with Ruiz Jr. 

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