Premier League fans are loving Amazon Prime's new features during first live games


Tuesday saw the introduction of Premier League football on Amazon Prime Video.

Back in 2018, Amazon broke Sky and BT’s stranglehold on the Premier League by securing rights to 20 matches a season.

And their coverage began on Twitter with Crystal Palace’s game against Bournemouth and Manchester City’s trip to Burnley.

And many fans were enjoying the coverage, with one feature in particular standing out.

Viewers can choose to listen to the stadium atmosphere instead of the commentary, something many have been wanting for a while.

The feature has gone down very well with football fans on Twitter.

And Amazon Prime Video's interface allows users to see stats, highlights and line-ups on the side of the screen while the match is still going on.


But while some enjoyed the features, others complained about constant buffering and their stream being some way behind the actual live events.

An Amazon Prime membership costs £7.99 per month and their 20 matches over December may well increase the demand for the Premier League to adopt their own subscription service.

Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan believes the Premier League should introduce a Netflix-style service and charge fans £9 a month for it.


“I think they’ve got to become their own broadcaster, set up their own platform, become a video on demand broadcaster, and be able to remove the price parameters that people are resisting now with the traditional broadcasters,” Jordan said on talkSPORT.

“People are churning off Sky, churning off BT because they don’t way to pay £75, £80 pound a month, they don’t think it’s justified.

“If you brought in something like a Netflix version of football with 100 million subscribers around the world paying £9 a month, you’d have no churn because nobody would resist that price point, you’d bring in £11 billion every year rather than £2.7 billion, or £8.1 billion every three years, and you’d build a model that would have enormous revenue sustainability, income models and growth."

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