Referees may be allowed to explain VAR decisions directly to fans


When VAR was introduced to club football this season, it was supposed to improve the game.

However, it's caused a lot more trouble than it's worth.

It seems every week VAR makes a controversial decision which sparks outrage.

Some football fans have already had enough completely and would get rid of VAR if they had the chance.

Of course, that's not want football's lawmakers want to do. Earlier this week, International Football Association Board's (IFAB's) chairman, Patrick Nelson, said they are looking at tweaks to make it better.

"It's still relatively new technology for the game of football," Nelson told Sky Sports News. "Cricket and rugby have had it for a long time.

"We need to look at the data that we've got, from the many experiments around the world, and see if there are any tweaks to the protocol that we need to make, to make it better for everyone in the game."

So, how will they go about making it better?

According to Sky Sports, one option which is currently under discussion would allow referees to communicate directly to supporters and explain their decisions.

This may involve supporters hearing a and brief explanation from a referee. Fans would still be unable to listen to match officials while in discussion but the final decision will be explained.

VAR has caused much controversy this season

This would be similar to what is currently done in the NFL.

What a simple, yet brilliant idea.

There have been so many decisions this year where football fans have not been able to understand why a decision was made.

But this would eliminate any confusion over a controversial decision.

It already works so well in the NFL, as well, so why not do the same in football?

Arsene Wenger is pushing for changes to VAR

Allowing referees to explain their decisions makes perfect sense and should be introduced into the game as soon as possible.

Arsene Wenger, who was appointed FIFA's new Chief of Global Football Development recently, would also like to see every Premier League club have a giant screen to convey more detailed information about VAR decisions.

"At the moment, you have two big clubs [Manchester United and Liverpool] with no screens. That is a problem that has to be resolved as well in the future," he said.

"I think it's working much better than we think. You want VAR to intervene at the right moment. They are not the ones who should make the decisions but the ones who help the referees make the right decisions.

"I would like the decision to be explained on the screen."

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