Call of Duty fans are not happy that 'Shoot House 24/7' has been removed from the game

Call of Duty's Season One update hasn't gone down well...

Season One of Call of Duty Modern Warfare has officially dropped worldwide.

Like Fortnite, the award-winning first-person shooter will deliver new content seasonally instead of in separate DLC packs.

Players will also be able to earn 100 tiers of Battle Rewards per season, including new weapons, skins calling cards and more to pick from.

It all sounds good, right?

For Season One, players will be able to play old Call of Duty 4 maps in Crash, Vacant and Shipment, as well as three new multiplayer modes named Reinforce, Gunfight OSP and Infected.

However, despite the update being less than 24 hours old, fans of the game are already fuming.

Why you ask? Because Infinity Ward have decided to remove one of the most popular game modes.

The map Shoot House quickly became a cult favourite due to its small size and ensuing chaos.

But sadly, we've had to say goodbye to one of the best game modes in which players could play the map over and over again in 'Shoot House 24/7'.

Instead, the mode has been replaced by 'Crash 24/7' and fans are not happy. Below, we've provided just some of the reaction to the bold decision by Infinity Ward.


Shoot House will still be available through other game modes, but it just will not be the same.

The popular game mode 'Gun Game' has also been removed from Call of Duty.

It's hard to criticise Infinity Ward too much given they're providing players with a lot of new free content.

However, why could they not just keep probably the most popular game mode and have it alongside the shiny new ones?

It's not like people are going to complain that there are too many options!

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