The PlayStation is officially the best selling console of all time according to Guinness World Records

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PlayStation is officially the highest selling console of all time according to the Guinness World Records.

This is hardly surprising due to the fact that all of the top three selling consoles are all Playstation, the original PS, PS2 and the PS4, but it has been made official by the guys at Guinness World Record.

The PS2 sits top of the pile having sold 159 million consoles worldwide, PS4 has sold 102.8 million which is just shaded out the original PlayStation which had sold 102.5 million consoles world wide.

The original PlayStation was released 25 years ago.

PS3 has not fared as well as it’s brothers, having only sold 87.5 million consoles worldwide, although it has still out sold it’s third generation rival, Xbox 360, which sold 85 million consoles.

"Receiving this award today, I feel the support of the players who have enjoyed our consoles over the years, and as the father of the PlayStation, I can see it has a bright future."

The plaque states that Sony have sold a total of 450 million consoles worldwide from all of their consoles.

Nintendo sits just in second having sold 321.7 million and Xbox sits in third having sold 155 million, although they have not released as many consoles as the other two. 

Sony are planning on launching a new console, the PS5 at some point during 2020, the launch is not expected before May of the new year.

It is rumoured that it will be released in November 2020, in the US and then made available in Europe a few weeks later, and it is thought that it will cost $499.

Twitter user @PSErebus has also claimed that you will be able to play games on the PS5 from all of its predecessors. 

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