Chris Jericho unveils his new 'list' during AEW Dynamite

Chris Jericho

Since the start of All Elite Wrestling's weekly show Dynamite, there has been one consistent feature - and that is Chris Jericho as AEW World Champion.

A true stalwart of the wrestling world, Jericho came in to AEW as their marquee signing, and he has been repaid with a title reign that started in August by defeating Adam 'Hangman' Page to become the inaugural champion.

The most impressive thing about Jericho in his older age is that he's been able to re-invent himself countless amount of times, and he can still put on five-star classics at the age of 49.

Towards the final years of his WWE career, Jericho was returning for months at a time before focusing on his music for the rest of the year, but when he was there he put all his effort into wrestling, and perhaps his best year was 2016.

That is the year where he teamed up with Kevin Owens and created the 'List of Jericho' which became the most hyped-up piece of paper to ever exist!

The List was a phenomenon and a few weeks ago on AEW Dynamite, Jericho referred to his list once again after he talked-up his new 'Inner Circle' stable, stating that every one of them was on his 'List'.

Chris Jericho's Inner Circle have been causing havoc on AEW Dynamite

But on last night's episode of Dynamite, the List returned in physical form, complete with a re-branding and a new name to boot.

Jericho brought out the 'Lexicon of Le Champion' and on his board was a list of names that he wouldn't be defending his title against for the remainder of 2019.

Jon Moxley appeared an awful lot on the list, along with fellow AEW stars Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and plenty more.

But there were a few WWE names thrown in there too, such as Paige, 'Allen Jones' - the real name of AJ Styles - but also Kenny from South Park and 'the ugly guy with the dumb glasses in the third row'.

As expected, there was a great reaction for the new list, and it just proves that anything Jericho touches turns to gold.

Perhaps he can bring out the new list as merchandise like he has done with his 'Little Bit of the Bubbly' sparkling wine - if he does then he may not even need to wrestle anymore, he could make a fortune!

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