Pub owner reveals astounding £2200-a-month cost of showing Premier League football


The general consensus among football fans today is that the Premier League is the best in the world.

Last season, the biggest club game in the world - the Champions League final - was fought out between two English clubs while the Europa League final was also an all-Anglo affair.

On top of that, the title race between Liverpool and Manchester City was possibly the most hotly contested of all time, capturing the imaginations of football fans the world over.

Unfortunately, such high-quality football does come at quite a cost, with the price of broadcasting England's top division reaching some astronomical heights of late.

The prices of a Sky Sports or BT Sports subscription is often beyond the reach of the average football fan who would have to resort to a trip down to the pub to catch a game.

However, as prices continue to rise and the competition between the biggest broadcasters heats up, the cost of showing Premier League football in a pub is also beginning to skyrocket.

In fact, according to Twitter user Adam Brooks, who also owns a small pub, the cost of showing football to his customer base this month, was as much as £2200.

"Just had to pay £600 for the right to show Amazon Prem Games this month at my small back street pub.

"That's on top of the £600 per month BT Sport subscription and £1000 per month SKY one

This month has cost me £2200 just to offer sport & Prem football to my customers


Wolverhampton Wanderers v West Ham United - Premier League

With Amazon Prime now entering the fray, it adds yet another subscription that fans or pub owners are forced to pay in order to show the footy at their establishments or in their homes.

While the cost of broadcasting rights has pumped obscene amounts of money into the game, allowing for better squads and facilities, it is becoming more and more clear that the average fan is simply being priced out.

Something has to change, or football risks alienating the everyday fan - who is the heart and soul of the game.

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