Real Madrid president Florentino Perez could create a European Super League


Florentino Perez is pushing for Real Madrid to abandon La Liga in favour of creating a European Super League. 

The influential club president has already held talks with some of Europe's other top clubs, as well as FIFA president Gianni Infantino, to outline his ambitious vision.

That's according to a report from the New York Times, which details Perez's plans. 

He wants the continents biggest teams to break away from their domestic leagues and instead play in one new, elite full-season competition. 

The current idea is to have two 20-team divisions, made up almost exclusively of clubs from Europe’s five biggest leagues: England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.  

Therefore, the concept of promotion and relegation - which rewards success and punishes failure - would still feature. 

Of course, creating a European Super League would almost kill off domestic football, as well as the UEFA Champions League

Imagine the Premier League without its top six clubs, or La Liga without the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. 

Barcelona and Real Madrid could be pulled out of La Liga

Surely, there's no way clubs would be in favour of the changes Perez is proposing? Well, money talks. 

Per the New York Times, 'some clubs have been told that, according to projections, they could expect to double their revenues by leaving their domestic leagues to join'. 

Would that be enough to convince a few big teams to get on board? Most probably. 

Perez has outlined his plans

Fierce resistance is still expected though.

Domestic leagues will do everything in their power to stop the new competition being created, while UEFA will not want to see the Champions League destroyed.

Sure, Perez's plans are outrageous at best. 

The Champions League would be destroyed

But with FIFA officials beginning to work on the framework of a new global football calendar that will take effect after 2024, the European Super League may be closer than ever before. 

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