Andy Ruiz Jr fan gets a tattoo of him knocking down Anthony Joshua - but it looks awful


The Mexican boxing star Andy Ruiz Jr secured the biggest victory of his pro career back in June, beating Anthony Joshua in New York to win the WBA, IBF, IBO and IBO belts, handing the Brit his first loss since he turned pro in 2013 in the process.

Going into the fight as a huge underdog, Ruiz Jr exhibited his varied skill-set and punching power to outclass AJ, who was fighting for the first time outside of the UK.

One of the iconic scenes from the bout was the flooring of Joshua by Ruiz Jr, captured by the photographers ringside, which became quite a popular image in the later days after the conclusion of the fight.

And now, supporters of the heavyweight champion have inked themselves with Ruiz Jr’s destruction of AJ, but one particular tattoo has gone rather horribly wrong, garnering hilarious comments across various social media platforms.

The fan got the tattoo on his right arm with a shot of the 30-year-old’s face while Joshua hit the deck.

It has not gone unnoticed as many pointed out that Ruiz looks more like a sumo wrestler than the world heavyweight champion in the artwork.

Some of the harsh comments include one saying: “That artist is trash lol.”

Another advised: “Dam boi get your money back and than cut that s*** off. cringe as f*** Sorry to say. But that’s a TERRIBLE job.”


One added: “What is this abomination lmao.”

The issue with tattoos is unless you're willing to go through a lot of pain and a big outgoing of money, they are permanent, so this unlucky fan has got to look at that abomination for the rest of his life.

With one day remaining until the rematch takes place in Saudi Arabia, both fighters will be focused on getting the job done inside the ring this Saturday.

Only time will tell if AJ manages to regain his lost glory or Ruiz Jr continues his domination in the elite division.

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