Anthony Joshua's reaction to Andy Ruiz Jr weighing three stone more than him for rematch


Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr will do battle with each other once again tomorrow evening in Saudi Arabia, but the former will be going into the championship bout three stone lighter than his opponent.

Joshua and Ruiz Jr both took to the scales this afternoon and despite all the talk in the build up to the fight being about the Mexican champ coming in at the same weight as last fight, or even lighter than before, he is actually 15lbs heavier and a lot larger than Joshua himself.

Not too long ago photos were going viral of Ruiz Jr looking thinner than ever and looking in great condition ahead of one of boxing's biggest rematches, but it seems like that simply was not the case.

After taking to the scales, Ruiz came in at 283lbs, which is a considerable amount more than what AJ weighs, as he came in at 237lbs, which is in fact 10.8lbs lighter than what he was first time around back in June.

Everyone knew that Ruiz Jr would be the heavier of the two, that was a given, but no one knew just how much heavier he would be, especially Joshua, who spoke to Sky Sports News after the weigh-in to share his thoughts on the results.

He said: "He's a big lad. They should make a super-heavyweight division do you know what I mean because it is that much of a vast a difference.

"But, the art of the game is to hit and not get hit and avoid those punches.

"Imagine being three stone heavier and everyone saying how fast he is, I'll definitely be beating him to the punch tomorrow night."

So, despite coming in three stone lighter than his opponent and the champion, Joshua himself is still feeling confident of getting the job done on Saturday evening and reclaiming those titles he once had.

Time will tell.

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