Anthony Joshua's body transformation from the first fight with Andy Ruiz Jr to the rematch

Andy Ruiz Jr v Anthony Joshua 2 - Weigh In

The biggest rematch in recent boxing history is taking centre stage this weekend as Anthony Joshua sets his sights on taking back the titles he lost to Andy Ruiz Jr in June of this year.

Madison Square Garden was the arena for one of boxing's most iconic nights. Joshua was making his US debut, and he was doing it against heavy underdog and unfancied Ruiz Jr.

However, by round three it was clear that this Mexican was here for a scrap and ready to shock the world. And shock the world he did as in the seventh, AJ's world came tumbling down, much like he did to the canvas, as the referee called off the fight.

Joshua had lost his belts and lost all the power in the heavyweight division.

Fast forward six months and a lot has been made about how AJ will go into the rematch. Will he change his style? Will he even go as far as change his trainer?

Well he didn't change his trainer, and we're not sure if he's changed his style, but one thing he has certainly changed is his body.

Plenty of times in the past AJ has been called a bodybuilder rather than a boxer. People have said he's got too much muscle and that's preventing him from being a better boxer.

Seemingly, AJ has taken on this criticism and he's decided to lose some of his muscle mass, and you can clearly see from the below photo just how much he's changed in a matter of months.

After the weigh-in this afternoon, we now know AJ has trimmed 10.8lbs from his weight for the initial bout back in June, and just by looking at the images we can see that he's completely transformed his body.

Hopefully for Team AJ and his fans it means that he will now be able to move around the ring better and deal with Ruiz Jr's lightning speed.

As for Ruiz Jr himself, well he's come in even heavier than before, weighing more than 20 stone and more than three stone heavier than the Brit.

Below you can see his side-by-side transformation, and you can quite clearly see he has added weight to his frame.

Bring on fight night!

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