FIFA 20 simulates team of giant Nicklas Bendters vs miniaturised Barcelona


Barcelona vs Nicklas Bendtner. 

It's the match-up that Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher go to bed dreaming about after an episode of Monday Night Football.

It's the clash of the titans that makes the 'Rumble in the Jungle' look like George Foreman and Muhammad Ali were playing pat-a-cake.

It's the head-to-head collision... ok, ok, so nobody has really envisaged what would happen if Barcelona came up against an XI of Bendtners, but humour us for a second here.

FIFA 20 hasn't exactly kept gamers entertained since its September release - in fact, many people believe it's the worst game in the series - but it has still allowed for some hilarious experiments.

FIFA 20 experiments

Many YouTubers have used EA Sports' flagship game to simulate a number of scenarios that we either haven't seen yet in the footballing world or are simply impossible in real life.

We've seen FIFA used to predict the fortunes of a new Premier League manager and more recently, it was deployed to pitch a team of Lionel Messis against a team of Cristiano Ronaldos. 

Obviously, these scenarios are head-scratching in their impossibility, but don't pretend as though you aren't intrigued.


XI of Bendtners vs Barcelona

But out of all the FIFA meddling we've seen in the past, nothing can top the aforementioned Bendtner vs Barcelona put together by 'awesomePCgames'.

I know what you're thinking: surely Barcelona would win with these ease? Well, there's a twist, because the Rosenbourg striker has been made over eight foot tall.

And the Barcelona players have been converted into miniature versions, meaning they're barely as tall as Bendtner's forearm when they participate in the handshakes.


Full video (scroll down for result)

You can check out the full video in its 11 minutes of hilarity down below - and keep scrolling for our breakdown of the absolute madness that unfolded.

Match report

Wowsers, where do we even start?

It turns out that even being half the size of your opponents doesn't stop you from playing lovely football and Barcelona created the most promising chances in the opening exchanges.

Luis Suarez was originally thwarted by eight-foot of Danish goalkeeping muscle, before Ivan Rakitic found a way past the gigantic defence with a fine finish in the 24th minute.


Frenkie de Jong managed to force a corner - take a wild stab in the dark at what happened from that - with a decent strike before the break, but the score remained 1-0 at the halfway mark.

However, clearly Bendtner gave the Bendtners a rallying team talk, because they flew out the blocks and quickly equalised after finally realising that crossing into the box might be advantageous.


It was also amusing to see the celebrating Bendtner absolutely flatten Gerard Pique after volleying past the minuscule Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

And after some fine interchange between Bendtner and Bendtner on the counterattack after 74 minutes, it swiftly became 2-1 thanks to yet another volley from, well, Bendtner.


But deep into stoppage time, there was a twist in the tale as Arturo Vidal played a superb ball to Suarez who, despite facing a goalkeeper who nearly filled the frame, found the bottom corner.

Eventually the game went all the way to penalties. The Bendtners had regained the lead in extra time, but only for Ousmane Dembele to miraculously find the net from close range shortly after.


Anyway... despite shooting at a goalkeeper smaller than the advertising hoardings, the second Bendtner stupidly missed the target, but Arturo Vidal proceeded to strike the crossbar with the next spot kick.

However, when Dembele's effort was saved by Bendtner - who was nearly banging his head on the crossbar - a Panenka penalty for the team of giants secured a 5-2 shootout victory.


Final score: Team Bendtner 3-3 Barcelona (AET) (5-2)

If you feel like you've just watched something from a terrible sci-fi move, you're not alone.

But if you're pretending as though you weren't entertained, we simply don't believe you.

While there's never much realism to these sorts of FIFA experiments, it's always fascinating to see how EA's game mechanics react when you hand it an absolutely outrageous scenario.

In this case, Lord Bendtner retained his throne.

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