Shoothouse 24/7 returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare after backlash from fans

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It's been a rollercoaster of a week for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans.

Season One started on Tuesday with a lot of content being pushed out.

That included the return of one of the best maps on Call of Duty 4: Crash.

Crash was immediately put into a 24/7 playlist so players could play on the map every single game.

However, although Crash has been and is still a popular map, fans of the game were not happy.

That's because Crash 24/7 replaced the most popular playlist on the game: Shoothouse 24/7.

The majority of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players enjoy the close quarters and madness on Shoothouse.

But, after hearing the news that they could no longer play on it every game, players were not happy at all.

Some threatened to boycott the game until it was made 24/7 again, while a petition was even made begging for the game mode to return.

That such petition has 607 signatures at the time of writing. 


But Call of Duty fans were given hope when Joe Cecot, an Infinity Ward employee, hinted it would come back in a future update.

And, on Friday evening, Shoothouse fans got their wish.

Call of Duty released an update which confirmed that Shoothouse 24/7 had replaced Crash 24/7.

The news was met with excitement by fans of the game.

@vMulann said: "Thank the heavens. It’s the only playlist I can play."

"Thank God! Aside from the ground war maps, this is the only tolerable map in the game," @OmniDesignGFX wrote.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Launch Event

And @lorenzo_buz tweeted with clear excitement: "YES! FINALLY I CAN PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN".

Good job from the developers.

The backlash when Shoothouse 24/7 was removed on Tuesday was immense.

The map is by far the most exciting 6v6 map and is arguably the best map on the whole game.

It's no surprise that a great deal of Shoothouse fans wanted the map to be made 24/7 again.

Props to Infinity Ward for listening to the overwhelming feedback from the fans and giving them what they want.

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