Three questions yet to be answered ahead of Bray Wyatt vs The Miz at WWE TLC


WWE finally confirmed three matches for next Sunday's TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view on SmackDown this week.

One of the matches, and the most intriguing match, for TLC is Bray Wyatt vs The Miz. This match was booked after the two came into conflict on SmackDown this past Friday.

For weeks, The Miz had been warning Daniel Bryan about The Fiend and how dangerous he can be. Now, he's found himself involved in the mix, but with only Wyatt instead, not The Fiend.

The Universal Champion baited The Awesome One to the backstage area after showing a photo of Miz’s wife Maryse and their kids during his Firefly Fun House segment at the start of SmackDown this week.

Backstage, Miz then found an edited photo of his family, with Wyatt in the picture instead of him. He was then attacked from behind by Bray, who was not in his Fiend character.

Wyatt vs Miz was booked for TLC shortly after, but there are still a few questions left to be answered by WWE ahead of the pay-per-view. Here are three questions yet to be answered for Wyatt vs Miz at TLC.

Will The Fiend be present?


The most interesting tidbit for Wyatt's match at TLC is that it's actually him, Bray Wyatt, that has been booked, and not his alter ego The Fiend.

This will be the first time Wyatt will actually wrestle as himself, not The Fiend, since he returned to the ring earlier this year with The Fiend persona. This makes sense since currently, the Universal Championship is not on the line at TLC.

The question is, will The Fiend still make an appearance at the show? Perhaps as a distraction in order to help Wyatt win the match? Or will he be absent from the show entirely? 

Also, does this mean there will be no red lights during this match like there has been in other matches involving the Universal Champion? Will Wyatt have a completely different entrance to that of The Fiend as well?

Will Daniel Bryan get involved?


WWE fans haven't seen Daniel Bryan since last week's SmackDown when he was pulled under the ring by The Fiend, who came through the ring canvas itself to grab him.

The Universal Champion then pulled the hair out of Bryan as he was below him, teasing a possible new look for Bryan for when he makes his return to WWE TV.

Bryan and Wyatt have teamed up before during the days of The Wyatt Family, so it may be possible that during the process of last week's closing segment on SmackDown, Bryan is now aligned with Wyatt and The Fiend.

Will Bryan be revealed at TLC with a new look and as a new ally for Wyatt and The Fiend? Or will he come looking for revenge on Wyatt for what The Fiend did to him following Survivor Series?

How good is Bray Wyatt in the ring?


Since Wyatt returned to WWE with his Firefly Fun House/Fiend gimmick earlier this year, we are yet to see him actually wrestle, as only The Fiend has stepped foot inside the squared circle.

In fact, the first time Wyatt actually got physical without The Fiend persona was this past Friday on SmackDown when he attacked The Miz during a backstage segment.

How good will Wyatt be in the ring at TLC? Will it be a similar comparison between Wyatt and The Fiend as it is for Finn Balor and The Demon? Could he be on the same level as The Wyatt Family leader who was a former WWE Champion?

There's also the possibility that this incarnation of Wyatt is just a shadow of The Fiend, resulting in a surprising win for The Miz, as well as the emergence of The Fiend who is seeking revenge.

It will be interesting to see how WWE addresses these questions as TLC approaches in just over a week's time.

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