Gary Neville accuses Boris Johnson of 'fuelling' racism after incident at Manchester derby

An incident involving Fred and the Manchester City crowd marred the game.

Unfortunately, the Manchester derby didn't hit headlines for footballing reasons, despite Manchester United's 2-1 win at the Etihad Stadium.

The occasion was marred by the actions of certain Manchester City fans who hurled physical and verbal abuse at United midfielder Fred.

Fred went to take a corner a little while after the hour-mark and with his side two goals to the good.

He was met with a flurry of objects, however, that rained down on him - most notably a lighter that struck the Brazilian.

That wasn't all, though, as at least one man appeared to make monkey gestures towards Fred as he walked back to try and take the corner.

It was bad enough that one woman took her young son through the line of stewards separating the fans in order to get him away from it all.

Understandably, pundits in the Sky Sports studio addressed the situation and after Jamie Redknapp said it was a societal problem, Gary Neville decided to speak out.

He puts the blame squarely at the feet of anti-migrant rhetoric from the likes of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

You can see footage of it below:

"Jamie mentions it being a societal problem," he said. "It absolutely is because you're watching the Prime Minister's debate where our Prime Minister is talking about, basically, migration to the country - people coming into this country and needing to have a certain level.

"It fuels it all the time. And, essentially, it's something that's gotten worse in the last three years in this country.

"Not just in football - I think Jamie's right on that."

Fred was hit on the neck by objects thrown from the crowd.

It's very hard to argue with. Even just taking football, the number of racist incidents has shot up in recent years.

But it's happening all over the country. While football certainly has it's problems to deal with, they're not the only ones.

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