Tito Ortiz takes Alberto Del Rio's WWE Championship belt after winning MMA fight

Tito Ortiz

There was a good reason as to why Tito Ortiz was a heavy favourite for his latest venture in MMA, and he proved it against former WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

After months of trash talk and hype, Ortiz would continue his career and extend his winning streak under the Combate Americas promotion.

His last fight - against his long-time nemesis Chuck Liddell - was panned by critics, including UFC President Dana White, who called out promoter Oscar De La Hoya for making that particular bout happen.

But even though Ortiz was facing a younger opponent this time, fans and bookmakers alike expected it to go one way.

Ortiz's pre-fight prediction was that of a first round KO of Del Rio in Texas, and he ended up being partially right - but there was no knock-out on show.

Even before he stepped into the cage, Ortiz upped the ante by entering to Hulk Hogan's 'Real American' theme song, with this fight having a political feel about it with Del Rio's pre-fight criticism of Ortiz supporting Donald Trump.

Alberto Del Rio and Tito Ortiz finally settled their feud inside a cage in Combate Americas

Inside the cage though it only took Ortiz just over three minutes to get his job done, as he slapped a rear-naked choke onto Del Rio which he simply couldn't escape from.

Del Rio had no choice but to submit in his first MMA fight for nearly 10 years, and as part of the pre-fight agreement, the Mexican had to give up one of his prized possessions - his WWE Championship belt.

He captured his first spinner title in 2011 at SummerSlam and he's probably got a couple more belts stored away at home, but Del Rio had to give this one up, and Ortiz's children looked delighted at their new toy.

Tito Ortiz took Alberto Del Rio's old WWE Championship belt as part of the pre-fight agreement

And with politics a huge talking point going into the fight, Ortiz got what he probably wished, which was a congratulatory tweet from the President of the United States himself - Donald Trump - who labelled Tito as a 'great American patriot'.

Ortiz is having something of a career renaissance in his later years, and who knows what the future holds for him - maybe he will bring his new toy to a WWE ring in the near future...

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