Seth Rollins calls Hell In A Cell match v The Fiend 'a mess' because of the red lights

Seth Rollins Stomps The Fiend inside Hell In A Cell

In the space of a couple of months, Seth Rollins went from beloved babyface to being rejected by the WWE Universe.

He dethroned Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 to a huge crowd reaction, but when he went up against Braun Strowman in September, divisions amongst wrestling fans started to appear.

And then when he started feuding with Bray Wyatt, he was being pitted against the most popular superstar on the roster, and that caused even further booing towards him.

Their initial match happened inside Hell In A Cell at the eponymous pay-per-view two months ago, and immediately fans were puzzled when an incredibly-bright red light lit up the arena as the bell for the match rung.

We would soon find out in weeks that followed that the red lighting would be a staple for Fiend matches, but it hasn't gone down well at all with the WWE fans, who find it is a big distraction.

That opinion is shared by Rollins, who blames the lighting for the breakdown of his Cell bout with Wyatt.

"So that was a mess for me," Rollins admitted on WWE Backstage earlier this week, per WrestlingInc.

"Because first of all, you're in this dark red. The Cell is also red and so you're trying to navigate around the edges of the cell and it's very tight quarters to begin with.

Seth Rollins was not a fan of the red lighting in his HIAC match against Bray Wyatt

"It was a mess. It was very difficult to deal with especially not knowing what was going to happen.

"I for one am not a fan [of the red light]. I think it affects my performance personally."

Not only did poor booking affect that Cell match, but the lighting didn't help matters either.

The lighting looks like it is here to stay for The Fiend's matches, regardless of fan opinion, so we might as well all just get used to it whilst we still have Wyatt to enjoy in main event matches!

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