WWE have released Luke Harper and Sin Cara from their contracts

Luke Harper

WWE have tonight announced that two superstars who have been with the company for a number of years have been granted their release requests.

Originally a member of the Wyatt Family upon his introduction to the WWE Universe, Luke Harper has been recognised as one of the most talented big men that WWE have had in recent years.

Harper branched out from Bray Wyatt when he and Erick Rowan were 'set free' in 2014, winning the Intercontinental Championship once, but the Wyatts reformed in 2015 and he returned to tag team competition.

He was given a push in early 2017 as he challenged for the right to face Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, but after that singles run ended he was back with Rowan as the Bludgeon Brothers later that year.

Pictured with Erick Rowan, Luke Harper has been criminally underused by WWE and has been granted his release

Harper requested his release in April 2019 after not being utilised on Raw or SmackDown for several months, but this was denied and Vince McMahon actually added more time onto his contract after he suffered from injuries in 2018.

He was last used in a tag team match at Hell In A Cell in October alongside Rowan, but now WWE have finally let him go, eight months after his initial request.

And the second superstar who is saying goodbye to the company is Jorge Arias - aka Sin Cara.

The original Sin Cara - Luis Urive - was suspended in 2011 and Arias took his place temporarily under the mask, and when Urive returned the two Sin Cara's ended up feuding with one another.

When Urive's character won the feud, Arias was unmasked and became Hunico, but he reverted to the Sin Cara character after Urive's release in 2013.

Sin Cara has finally been granted his release from WWE

He had a successful run in NXT with Kalisto as the Lucha Dragons, which is where he won WWE gold for the only time after capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships in 2014.

Aside from a string of matches with Andrade in 2018 that were really impressive, Arias was hardly used in recent times by WWE.

Whilst on the European Tour last month, Arias announced that he had asked to leave the company, and WWE have granted that wish a month later.

Will either man end up in All Elite Wrestling? You wouldn't think Arias would, but Harper certainly has enough upside in his arsenal to be a big player for Tony Khan and co.

His no-compete clause will expire in 90 days, so watch this space...

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