Man City fan denies making alleged ‘Monkey Gesture' claiming he was 'putting his hands in his pants'

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

A Manchester City fan, arrested for a suspected racist gesture aimed at Manchester United midfielder Fred, has attempted to defend himself.

The man was caught on camera making what appeared to be a monkey gesture as Fred approached the corner flag to take a set-piece.

They truly were startling scenes as other fans hurled projectiles at Fred, with one striking him before he could take the corner.

However, Anthony Burke’s actions were by far the worst of the lot and his recent attempt to excuse his gesticulations is nothing short of embarrassing.

Speaking in the aftermath of the incident, Burke had this to say:

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

The surge in racism this year has been a blight on the game all over the continent and it simply has to end.

It is startling to see how brazen and confident these thugs have become, attending football games with the sole intention of abusing players of colour.

The punishments being dished out are far from sufficient and do little to discourage the hooliganism we are seeing in the stands at the moment.

It is 2019 and there is no place for what Mr Burke did at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

If you ask us, he deserves to be banned from all football for the rest of his life.

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