Corey Graves thinks Bray Wyatt's custom championship devalues the WWE Universal title


Not long after winning the Universal Championship, Bray Wyatt changed the colour of the title from red to blue. The Fiend also got a custom Universal title as well.

While some fans do like the new Fiend-stye custom handcrafted title, Corey Graves is one person who does not, and it's not just because of the $6,500 price tag attached to it.

On the latest episode of After The Bell, Graves revealed he wasn't, and has never been, a fan of customized championships. He even doesn't like Stone Cold's Smokin' Skull title.

The SmackDown commentator said he's a big fan of Tom Savini and The Fiend custom title looks very cool visually, but he's not a fan of custom titles overall as he believes it devalues the title.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: "I didn't have a problem with the blue Universal Championship because it's now on FOX, SmackDown and the blue brand, so it kind of made sense, it still looks like the WWE Championship.

"I didn't hate when The Ultimate Warrior would change the strap on his WWE Championship to the different colors I thought that was kind of an OK customization, but all of a sudden The Fiend will defend a title which is just his face - I'm not a huge fan of it.

"I think it devalues the championship as a whole. In our business everything is fluid, it's constantly evolving, the one thing that we've always kind of got is history, revisionist as it is, but the WWE Championship to me personally is still the championship despite the positioning of the Universal title.


Graves went on to explain how you don't see custom titles in other sports.

He said; "The more you change the design of the championships, to me, the more it devalues it. Could you imagine in the NHL if the team that won the Stanley Cup got to redesign the Stanley Cup trophy? That thing is iconic.

"If the penguins win the Stanley Cup and all of a sudden they're presented with a giant trophy of a penguin I think it loses a lot of its luster, it seems kind of weird.

"You get custom Super Bowl rings specified to the team but the overall trophy, the goal of the team in that sport, is always the same.


"I'm cool with customizable plates on the sides of the titles but the championship being The Fiend's face, I'm unsure. Either way it's cool and if I had $6,500 laying around that I didn't need I would certainly buy one, but I don't love my kids that much."

Custom titles are unlikely to go away anytime soon as they tend to generate sales on the WWE shop, and since Wyatt is one of the most popular stars in WWE today, those sales are bound to be high, even if the title is $6,500.

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