Mike Tyson ‘would have been knocked out’ by Muhammed Ali, claims Larry Holmes

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Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes claims that Muhammad Ali would easily have beaten Mike Tyson.

Boxing fans may wonder who would have won a heavyweight showdown between two of the sports greats in Tyson and Ali.

Many may have fancied Tyson simply down to his raw power and explosive and deadly combinations.

However, it’s no doubt that Ali would be backed by some people too. Arguably the greatest boxer of all time whose footwork and defensive style earned him his plaudits.

Larry Holmes battled both of these stars during his career, and he's now commented on what would have happened if they shared the ring together.

He lost to Mike Tyson and then went on to beat Muhammed Ali. Yet, he believes that Ali would have no problem defeating Tyson should they have both met in the ring.

"Mike Tyson would get beat up 'cause he's a face fighter. He comes in down low, and Muhammad Ali is a jabber," Holmes said, as per Daily Star.

"He'd get that jab in there just like he did with Joe Frazier.

"So, Mike Tyson would have to get around that jab, and he'd have a lot of problems getting around that jab."

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Holmes then goes on to criticise Tyson further and claimed that he was never the best opponent he ever faced during his career.

He said: “My toughest opponent was Kenny Norton. I fought Mike Tyson, I was kinda over the hill a little bit

“I had retired then I came back and fight Mike Tyson. I really wasn't in that good of shape.

“If I could do it all over again, I'd take more time and do it right."

Holmes was defeated six times in his career, as was Mike Tyson. Muhammed Ali was beaten five times in the ring.

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