Anthony Joshua's analysis of Tyson Fury's win over Wladimir Klitschko now looks hypocritical

Anthony Joshua Media Access

Anthony Joshua reclaimed his World Heavyweight belts on Saturday night after beating Andy Ruiz Jr.

AJ lasted the full 12 rounds with the champ before beating him on points to get revenge for losing the first time back in June.

A game plan was assigned and stuck to as the Brit was constantly on the move on the outside of the ring.

Back in June, AJ’s downfall looked as though it was due to his combat in the centre-ring, so this different approach may have been a factor in being victorious the second time around.

However, back in 2017, Anthony Joshua claimed that Tyson Fury’s win over Wladimir Klitschko was purely down to running around the ring and that he didn’t respect it.

Ironically, this is the same strategy AJ used during his win over Ruiz Jr on Saturday night.

Back in 2017, Joshua said, as per Boxing Scene: “Fury boxed twelve rounds and ran.

“I don't respect that. If I'm the King of Dubai in the olden days and a different empire comes to take my territory, you don't come and steal my treasure – that's what Fury's done I think.

“He stole the boxing from Klitschko in the sense that he just boxed and moved. If an up and coming king wants to take the king's treasure, you look him in the face and put the dagger in his chest. You don't stay from afar and slash, slash. You go to war and that is what me and Klistchko did.


“If I went out there and went 12 rounds with Klitschko then we are just as good as each other. The judges made the decision on the fight, I went out there and knocked him out. I took the belts from him. I didn't leave it to judges.”

Maybe Joshua has matured since these comments and seen sense in the fact you may have to box differently to beat different opponents.

AJ himself certainly changed his style to conquer Ruiz Jr, and if he didn't, he would have lost again.

However, that doesn't stop these comments from looking rather awkward two years on.

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