Manchester City fan launches rant against Liverpool and VAR after falling 14 points behind

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

Many Manchester City fans are ready to concede the Premier League title to Liverpool in the wake of their 2-1 defeat to Manchester United on Saturday.

The result leaves Pep Guardiola’s 14 points behind the unbeaten Reds, a deficit that already looks insurmountable.

Indeed, even Guardiola admits it’s unlikely that City will be able to defend their title.

"We think about what we have to do and the next game - it is not realistic to think about catching up," Guardiola said.

Man City fans have been treated to back-to-back titles but the fact that a third may not be incoming is causing some stress.

Man City fan's rant

You just need to listen to one supporter’s rant on BBC Radio 5 live to realise what Liverpool’s form is doing to them.

The fan, named Gary, called into Robbie Savage’s call-in show to vent his fury with Liverpool and VAR.

He spoke for six minutes, arguing that six VAR decisions had gone against Man City and four had benefitted Liverpool.


"I believe there's an underlying trend," Gary began. "The FA who took an extra 12 months to introduce the VAR don't want it to be introduced, they want everybody to hate it.

“Pep wanted it to come. A lot of people that believe the system can be fair wanted it to come in but it can also be seriously manipulated.

"And the key is, I started from the games at the start of the season, started watching them back and I've watched the most recent ones.

"Now I can highlight six times that the VAR decisions have gone against City and four times when the decisions have gone towards Liverpool.

“Now that's 10 decisions that have not gone in 16 games. I can highlight them where we don't get anything and Liverpool do."

Gary was then asked to name the decisions that have gone against City.

"We started with the first game of the season when we played West Ham,” he responded.

“We actually won 5-0 in the end. But when it was 2-0 and we were trying to kill the game off [Raheem] Sterling was an inch over, (offside) an inch.

“And at the time they said VAR is this wonderful thing. Even if it's an inch, it's an inch. And during the time we didn't make it 3-0 West Ham almost got back in the game."

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League

Savage then asked if Sterling was offside, to which Gary said yes.

“So they got it right then,” Savage said. “If he was he was an inch offside he was offside.”

The fan then took aim at Liverpool, claiming Virgil van Dijk should have been sent off during the Reds’ 5-2 win against Everton.

“Let's go back to the Everton game when Virgil van Dijk mowed down, when it was 2-1, he mowed down the player in the penalty area,” Gary continued.

Liverpool FC v Everton FC - Premier League

“I've never seen a clearer penalty in all my life, Van Dijk should have been sent off.

“I’ve never seen anybody knock somebody down in the penalty area like he did.

"Against Everton at 2-1, I played it ten times. He'd have been sent off on that match because he was the last man. It went to VAR and they didn't give it."

Gary wasn’t done there, continuing for another three minutes. He mentioned the stoppage-time penalty Liverpool were awarded against Leicester City back in October which earned Jurgen Klopp’s team a 2-1 win.


GIVEMESPORT's Scott Wilson says:

Gary's call reeks of bitterness.

The idea that Liverpool have benefitted from VAR this season can be disproved with GIVEMESPORT's weekly research into how the Premier League table would look if the system was not in use.

The Reds would still top the table.

Liverpool have easily been the best team in England this season and City supporters should look to their own problems instead of shifting the blame elsewhere.

Losing at home to Man United? That's not good enough for a club competing for the title.

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