WWE need to induct Christian into the Hall of Fame in 2020

WWE have announced the newest inductees in the Hall of Fame for this year with Batista and the nWo the lucky recipients.

For Batista, this will be his first time, but all four members of the nWo will be entering for a second time.

One man is inconspicuous in his absence, however, and has been seemingly over-looked: AGAIN.

That man is no other than Christian.

Christian is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, two-time ECW Champion and seven-time WWE Tag-Team Champion. Yet, he has still yet to be inducted.

He won “Tag Team of the Year” in 2000 with his partner Edge, who was inducted in 2012 by Cristian himself. It seems crazy to think that seven years later Cristian still hasn’t received the call from Vincent Kennedy McMahon to become one himself.

William Reso – known as Christian – began wrestling 25 years ago, and in 1998 was called up to WWF (now WWE) to join the main roster.

He won the Light Heavyweight Championship on his debut match before joining allegiances with Edge and Gangrel to form “The Brood”.

Cage continued to perform well in WWE throughout the late 90s and early 2000s before joining Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2005 where he was, again, successful throughout his time – winning their top title twice.

He made a return to WWE in 2009 for his best run yet and was even the ‘top guy’ in the company for a short while in 2010-2011.

He began to get tied down with injuries and eventually retired in 2014 due to concussions. However, he didn’t leave the wrestling scene for long and made a podcast with his long-time friend Adam Copeland (Edge).

The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness started in February 2016 and was the number one wrestling podcast throughout its time until it stopped in 2017.

Since then, Cristian has made sporadic appearances on WWE programmes and is now a regular contributor to ‘WWE Backstage’.

This historic back-catalogue and even more recent success away from the ring, it is hard to fathom why he is consistently overlooked by WWE for a chance in the Hall of Fame.

There is no shortage of reasons why he should be inducted, and it’s clear that others have been included for less.

WWE is often criticised for its selections, especially when wrestlers have fallen out with the powers in the company. However, the same cannot be said for Christian, who still seems to hold a good relationship.

Will we see him inducted soon? Or will it take longer than it did for Chyna – who still is not inducted in her own right?

One thing is for sure, the support for Christian among WWE fans is growing, and it won’t be long until WWE’s hand is forced.

Fingers crossed that ‘Captain Charisma’ will be inducted this year or soon after.

‘He deserves it’.

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