'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' receives two new awesome game modes


In their continued support for the newest 'Call of Duty' entry, Activision has announced that two new game modes will be added to Modern Warfare this week, and we can expect these modes to be implemented today. 

Fans will be very pleased to hear that one of these modes is a returning fan-favourite: 'Infected'.

For many years, 'Infected' has been a stable of 'Call of Duty' since it was first introduced as an April Fool's joke in 'Modern Warfare 3', where players fight to survive against one randomly-selected player who is 'infected.' 

The remaining players who aren't infected simply have to keep away from and/or kill the infected, while the infected player has to spread the infection to overwhelm the surviving players.

The game mode has been consistently well received and always guarantees a great time for players. It's not clear if Modern Warfare will bring any twists to the game mode yet.

The other new game mode being implemented this week is a variation of Gunfight, the small-scale 2v2 mode that was introduced in this latest game.

'Gunfight O.S.P' will feature predominantly the same game play as the standard Gunfight mode, with the key difference being that instead of players being given a loadout at the start of each round, you have to scavenge weapons from across the map.

On top of the two new modes, a couple of new cosmetic bundles are also being added to the Modern Warfare store; the Cold Blood and Mother Russia packs.


Activision described the bundles as: "The 'Cold Blood' bundle is fit for a cold and hardened Operator. Pick it up to look fierce in the 'Winter Warrior' skin for Golem take out the competition with the 'White Out' handgun weapon blueprint, or take some time with the 'Precious Commodity' watch, and more. Get this collection of chill items to look the part of a stone-cold killer.

"Say 'Dasvidaniya' to your foes and channel the menacing force of the Red State with the 'Mother Russia' Featured Bundle. The bundle includes the 'Commuter' Operator skin for Yegor to blend in with the locals, the 'Old Country' LMG weapon blueprint for high damage eliminations, the 'Brass Tactics' Finishing Move to pummel your enemies, and more. Get the 'Mother Russia' bundle for themed good from the Motherland."

Unfortunately, these new game modes will only be sticking around until December 18. Make the most of them while you can. 

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