WWE teases Andrade and Zelina Vega splitting up on Raw


WWE teased the possibility of Andrade and Zelina Vega splitting up after what happened on Monday Night Raw this week.

Andrade had a match on Raw this week against Humberto Carrillo after the two got into an argument backstage, and things didn't end so well for the former.

The match developed to the point where Andrade accidentally ran into his business associate on the ring apron, sending her off the apron.

This was enough of a distraction for Carrillo to roll up Andrade for the three count. Things transpired between manager and client after the match.

Andrade could be seen blaming Vega for the loss in the middle of the ring after the match, and Vega wasn't happy with the blame being pinned on her at all.

Taking this argument into account, it looks like WWE is planning the split of Andrade and Vega in the next couple of weeks, meaning fresh starts for both of them in 2020.

When wrestling partners start arguing, it usually leads to a split not too far down the line, and the same future could be ahead for Andrade and Vega.

As of writing, it's unclear as to why WWE wants to split Andrade and Vega as they are a popular couple, but a few reasons why spring to mind.


First off, WWE may feel Andrade will be a stronger competitor once he starts dealing more promos in the ring by himself, rather than having Vega speak for him.

Also, WWE may have plans to move forward with Vega as a wrestler in the women's division instead of a manager. She's only wrestled on a handful of shows to date.

Finally, the other direction WWE may be planning to go in is having Vega manage another superstar on the Raw roster, but it's currently unclear as to which superstar this would be.

While WWE hasn't given any indication as to what direction they want to go in with Andrade and Vega, it's clear from this week's Raw that their relationship as manager and client may be coming to an end soon.

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