Boxing legend Mike Tyson says he wouldn’t beat a prime Muhammad Ali


There is no doubt Mike Tyson is one of the most feared heavyweights of all time.

However, even the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’ says he wouldn’t defeat Muhammad Ali in his prime.

This question has been an agenda for a long time in the boxing world, who wins between a prime Tyson and a prime Ali?

Sadly, boxing fans will never know the answer as the two enjoyed exhilarating careers in the sport, but never got the opportunity to cross paths due to fighting in different eras.

Speaking to ‘This is 50’ in 2012, Iron Mike explained exactly why no one could stop prime Ali.

Tyson said: “There’s no man like him.

“Everything we have, he supersedes it.

“Nobody beats Ali, it’s not about the muscle memory it’s not about concentration it’s just about him doing it.

“I can’t beat that man, hell no f**k this (laughs).”

Even though Tyson speaks highly of Ali and the career he had, at his best, Tyson was the most feared throughout the heavyweight division. His big punches landed him many knockout wins in the early stages of his career.

His first 19 fights were won inside the distance and then two were via a unanimous decision. Tyson then went on a seven-fight streak that saw him beat everyone he faced in the ring inside the distance.

The final fight of that seven streak was the 1986 fight against Trevor Berbick that took ‘Iron Mike’ to an impressive 28-0, which won him his first world heavyweight title.

At the age of 20 years and four months, he became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.


Both Ali and Tyson are regarded as the best heavyweights of all time and were both around when there was excellent competition in their division.

At the time, the heavyweight division had talented fighters and title challengers along with Ali and Tyson.

It seems that the heavyweight division has been reinvigorated with similar talents in recent months, and whilst we are unable to answer who would reign supreme between ‘Iron Mike’ and a prime Ali, hopefully, the likes of Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury can discover who is the best out in today's world.

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