West Brom score after Wigan Athletic goalkeeper gives away ridiculous indirect free-kick

The backpass rule is one of those that everyone knows about but you virtually never see in action.

It only came into play in 1992, of course, and it completely changed the game.

No longer could teams just knock it back to their goalkeeper to pick up and waste time and no longer could you easily defuse situations by passing it back to him.

Suddenly, everyone had to be at least passable with their feet – you’d be severely handicapped if your ‘keeper couldn’t kick.

But every so often, you still see a backpass take place, leading to one of football’s greatest sights: a freekick from a few yards out and every defender on the goal-line, waiting to charge.

Usually, that comes about because a goalkeeper had no choice but to use his hands.

We had a real throwback on Wednesday, though, as Wigan Athletic’s Jamie Jones simply picked up a back pass.

The goalkeeper was off having a drink of water when it was played back to him – he must have completely missed that it was his teammate who did it.

Jones picked the ball up and West Bromwich Albion won an indirect freekick a few yards out.

You can check out the moment here:

It’s the kind of thing you’d see back when the backpass law was first introduced but it’s pretty unsual in 2019.

The resulting freekick was shifted to Charlie Austin who smashed it home, equalising less than ten minutes after going behind.

It could prove to be a very important goal in the title-race, too, as the draw (it finished 1-1) keeps West Brom level on points with leaders Leeds United.

Jones better steer clear of Yorkshire if that point ends up making a difference.

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