Angel Garza wins Cruiserweight Championship on NXT - then proposes to his girlfriend

NXT continues to create ground-breaking moments, but it is also now creating feel-good ones too.

But you’d have never expected it to come from a heel like Angel Garza!

The Mexican is brash and cocky, but his arrogance, in-ring talent and charisma means that despite being a heel, he’s really hard to hate.

Since debuting in NXT earlier this year in the Breakout Tournament, Garza has received a push and even got the honour of facing Tommaso Ciampa in his return match in October.

In recent weeks though, Garza has been performing on 205 Live, which means he’s become a top contender to the Cruiserweight Championship, held by high-flyer Lio Rush.

The Man of the Hour secured a victory over Garza weeks ago on NXT, albeit controversially as the Mexican’s foot was on the rope unbeknownst to the referee.

He was bound to get a rematch and he did on last night’s episode at Full Sail, and this time things were different.

In the closing stages, Rush went for a Frog Splash to Garza, who was led OUTSIDE of the ring, but he got his knees up which landed right on the ribs of Rush.

Garza then hit his Wing Clipper finishing manoeuvre on Rush that he somehow kicked out of, but he then locked in a submission that was very similar to the set-up of his finisher, and that was enough for the champ who tapped out.

That wasn’t to be the end of Garza’s night though, as he picked up a microphone in a very babyface-like manner and proclaimed that wrestling, the NXT fans, his family and girlfriend were ‘his life’.

He then brought his girlfriend into the ring, and to the shock of the Full Sail crowd, he proposed to his partner, Zaide, in the middle of the squared circle!

It was an emotional moment in Orlando and it will be a night Garza never forgets in a hurry!

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