Vince McMahon 'crazy stories' thread on Twitter goes viral

We all know Vince McMahon. Even if you don’t know wrestling or WWE, you know Vince McMahon.

He’s that man with the cocky walk, the one pulling ridiculous faces and falling off executive furniture.

The man from the GIFs you see on Twitter.

He’s also the owner and CEO of WWE. He has been a ring announcer, a commentator, an authority figure and a wrestler for the company that he inherited from his father.

Most famous for which are his clashes with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock and Hulk Hogan in his guise as an egomaniac owner of the wrestling federation.

But I bet you didn’t know he’s just as crazy and strange in real life as he is in front of the camera.

To be on the road almost 95% of your life and inside a wrestling bubble you need to block out quite a lot of pop culture to continue with your gruelling work schedule. Many might not think that the ignorance extended to burritos. Vince McMahon doesn’t know what burritos are, despite living off a diet that apparently comprises of largely ‘meat wraps’, Oreos, pizza, snow cones and protein bars.

Another thing Vince McMahon is blissfully unaware of is the prominence of ‘Asian porn sites’, after his hesitance of signing Gail Kim in 2003 was questioned by Head of Talent Relations at the time Jim Ross. Ross had gone to Vince with the idea of hiring the female wrestler due to the fact “many men are attracted to Asian women.”

He’s also got a phobia of sneezing. He’s been found shouting and swearing at himself and others for sneezing. You know, that inevitable bodily function.

Up there on his list of pet peeves is nodding. Vince hates a nodder. Former writer of 90210 Larry Mollin was in the creative team for a few weeks. Vince’s daughter Stephanie had to pull him from the room as he was nodding along to points made by Vince. Apparently, he has a phobia for nodding, yes men.

He also loves being competitive with his talent roster. Whether it’s taking the Hart Foundation’s finisher, The Hart Attack, in a strip club, or competing with Olympic power lifter and wrestler Mark Henry, Vince loves to get involved with his workers. He’s also been known to be obsessed with amateur wrestling Kurt Angle, be it in the ring, backstage or even 30,000 feet in the air in a plane ride from the UK.

That competitive nature spilled out onto his home life as well. Even a nice, relaxing two-on-two pool game on a family holiday spilled over. Vince, teaming with his wife and former on-screen CEO of WWE Linda McMahon, took on their daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Paul Levesque (Triple H to you and me).

The younger pair were getting lucky and winning, to which point Vince began to get angry with himself and his wife before sulking off when Stephanie made the winning pot.

There is a lighter side to Vinny Mac, though. He’s well known for his pranks. Such pranks include getting real life police officers to arrest his own broadcaster Jonathan Coachman at a television taping. Vince almost killed a former writer of his in another cheeky prank. He boxed in Court Bauer on the motorway and “won a race” by almost veering Bauer off into construction work.

He’s also followed through when trying to prank right-hand man Gerald Brisco, called former UFC Champion Frank Shamrock “a midget”, claiming that he, Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko could take him and Mickey Rourke in a fight.

Vince’s favourite pastime includes pushing people into his swimming pool. Be it writers, producers, staff or even his own family, he just gets the biggest kick out of it. Also high on that list is the sound of his own farts. CM Punk claimed that whilst trying to sleep on an overseas tour, he was confronted with the sound of Vince farting and laughing to himself.

In his multi-faceted personality, however, is a vindictive side. He’s been known to throw a television executive’s shoes in the bin whilst the two were at a bowling alley.

He’s a supporter of intimidating his workers into standing up for themselves. He reportedly insulted Kofi Kingston to the point that Chris Jericho interjected and told Kofi that he had to stand up for himself to maintain his place on the card.

Another wrestler having to earn his respect was son of Mr. Perfect Curtis Axel, who Vince literally walked up and down a plane to step on his outstretched foot. When Axel apologised, Vince screamed at him, telling him to stand up for himself.

Whether it’s admitting the glee in which he wished to kill his stepfather or sleeping with his own cousin in his youth, Vince McMahon will always be remembered as a psychotic but strangely fun-loving billionaire owner of the WWE.

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